Project Selection The aboriginal footfall will be to baddest a action or set of procedures for which a chiral does not abide today. You will again outline the sections of the manual. This activity will be acclimated as the base for anniversary of the assignments throughout the advance and should accommodate to the afterward guidelines: Nontrivial: The called business action or set of procedures should reflect a real-life application.  Domain knowledge: Students will be applying ability of this action or set of procedures to actuate the capacity of the manual.  Select a action or set of procedures that fit these requirements, and abide your angle to your adviser afore proceeding added with the assignments in the course. Keep in apperception that this is a abstract of a angle that you could after accelerate to a activity sponsor. Approval should be accustomed aural the aboriginal few canicule of the course. Your adviser will acquaint you how to abide this angle and what notification will be accustomed for activity approval. Assignment Your aboriginal appointment in this action will be to baddest a action or set of procedures to use as the base of your procedures manual. As you advance through anniversary activity phase, you will add agreeable to anniversary area of the final certificate to gradually complete the final activity deliverable.  The activity deliverables are as follows: Procedures chiral certificate carapace (in MS Word format)  Title page  Course cardinal and name  Project name  Student name  Date  Table of capacity (autogenerated)  Separate page  Maximum of 3 levels deep  Fields adapted so that the TOC it is abreast afore appointment your project  Section headings (create anniversary branch on a new folio with TBD as content, except for sections listed beneath "New Content" below)  Project Outline  Abstract  Procedures Chiral Outline  Procedures Chiral Proposal  Procedures Chiral Brochure  Procedures Chiral Preparation Plan  Procedures Manual  Procedures Manual: Quick Reference  Procedures Chiral Training (PowerPoint Deck)  New agreeable to be amid in aloft shell  Project Outline  Write a abrupt description of the action or set of procedures.  Material can be taken from the accustomed angle submitted to your instructor, and this will serve as the abstract for the angle you will be appointment to a abeyant activity sponsor in the abutting IP assignment.  Be abiding that this activity is accustomed by the instructor.  Procedures chiral outline  Outline anniversary of the sections that will be included in the final procedures manual.  In 1–2 sentences, call what types of agreeable will go in anniversary section.

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