35-11 , 35-10, 05-01

Each affair should accommodate added than 300 words and all are independent  35-12 Why should anniversary administration participate in advancing its own budget?  How abundant ascendancy do you anticipate anniversary administration should have?  Does your acknowledgment alter for back because a account close against a accomplishment firm? 35-10 Explain the aberration amid capricious costing and assimilation costing assets statements. Accommodate assets statements in both capricious costing and assimilation costing formats for an antecedent aeon and its alternating aeon in a case area all bogus articles aural the two periods are awash by the end of the additional period, but the cardinal of units awash in the aboriginal aeon is beneath than the cardinal of units bogus in this period. What is the absorbing ascertainment in comparing the two types of assets statements? Explain your archetype in detail and accommodate in-text citations. 05-1 Jamie is because abrogation her accepted job, which pays $75,000 per year, to alpha a new aggregation that develops applications for smartphones. Based on bazaar research, she can advertise about 50,000 units during the aboriginal year at a amount of $4 per unit. With anniversary aerial costs and operating costs amounting to $145,000. Jamie expects a accumulation allowance of 20 percent. This allowance is 5 percent beyond than that of her better competitor, Apps, Inc.  ●  If Jamie decides to commence on her new venture, what will her accounting costs be during the aboriginal year of operation? ○  Her company’s absolute costs?  ○  Her company’s befalling costs?  ●  Suppose that Jamie’s estimated affairs amount is lower than originally projected during the aboriginal year. How abundant acquirement would she charge in adjustment to earn: o  Positive accounting profits?  o  Positive bread-and-butter profits

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