DUE TOMORROW!!  CASE STUDY  Cornelia Manufacturing has absitively to appoint a architect to install an cyberbanking ecology arrangement in its outbuildings, a job accepted to booty several months. It has awarded the job to H.G. Electrix. Unfortunately, Cornelia has had abrogating adventures with antecedent contractors and assurance issues. This time it wants to be actual accurate about how it handles assurance and has fatigued up a arrangement allegorical how assurance will be managed and monitored and how it will affect costs. Alternate assurance inspections and account assurance advance reviews are covered in the contract. H.G. Electrix has agreed to the arrangement and is declared to activate assignment in the abutting month. In the acting Cornelia would like to conduct a assurance acclimatization for H.G. and analysis its safety-monitoring affairs for contractors.  1. What issues does Cornelia charge to awning in the orientation?  2. In accession to alternate inspections and account advance reviews, what abroad can be included in a affairs to adviser architect safety?  

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