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  As the anew appointed abettor to the In-service Coordinator, your  responsibilities accommodate ensuring all anew assassin nurses and physicians  are accustomed with the acknowledged and ethical guidelines of the facility.  Discuss the afterward advice in 3-5 pages, not including appellation  page and advertence page. You are accepted to use a minimum of two  references and advance APA style: Define accumulated negligence. Research the criterion case of Darling v. Charleston Community Memorial Hospital as  an archetype of a accumulated negligence. Call the acknowledged issues in the  case and call how the hospital bootless its ethical assignment to the  patient.   Define respondeat superior, and accommodate an archetype for two of  the professions listed below, of how bent behaviors could advance to  an alignment actuality captivated vicariously accountable beneath the acknowledged assumption  of respondeat superior:    Physician   Nurse   Chiropractor   Respiratory Therapist   Occupational Therapist   Physical Therapist  Discuss accumulated duties and accumulated responsibilities and  explain the role the healthcare alignment has in ensuring the  compliance of accumulated duties and responsibilities 

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