3 non-based companies

Deliverable Length:5 pages Find 3 companies, one of which charge be non-US-based, with operations in added than one country, or arena of the world. Using accessories from the companies’ Web sites, adapt an assay of the companies and their bunch business strategies. Your assay should include: Brief aggregation profile.  Scope of operations (e.g., manufacturing, analysis & development, sales appointment and/or account representation).   Marketing action for anniversary of the countries/regions in which it operates.   Differences amid the company’s business strategies per country/region (e.g., how differences in cultural ethics affect artefact development).   Similarities amid the company’s business strategies per country/region (e.g., they may use bounded announcement agencies to aftermath their announcement campaigns).   Your address MUST accommodate a advertence list. All analysis should be cited in the anatomy of the paper. Reports after citations are unacceptable. Your address should accommodate an abstract, a abbreviate introduction, and cessation in accession to the anatomy of the paper. APA Format Is Mandatory. Please see adapter for (TEMPLATE) that (MUST BE USED) for this assignment.

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