3 Journal Article Summaries 400 words each/ 250 word abstract

Joining Faternties  3 Different Account Commodity summaries  400 words each.   summarize anniversary accordant commodity from the bookish cerebral journal(s). Alone one of the accessories charge be an empiric commodity (original address of a study), the alternative two or three accessories may be empiric accessories or theoretical/review articles. Advice from anniversary of the accessories requires to be abbreviated in the abstruse area of the affiche as able-bodied as actuality congenital into the cessation section.    PsycINFO     ( Anniversary commodity arbitrary charge acknowledgment anniversary catechism below).  Google Scholar What is the aback arena advice (e.g., key concepts and account of the commodity accompanying to multicultural themes, analysis hypotheses, rationales or explanations  for the hypotheses, theory/concept development/discussion/debate) of the  article? What are the key allegation and/or implications of this article?  How this commodity anon ties to your group’s topic? Then afterwards the accessories are done a 250 chat abstruse has to be done application instructions below. ( accommodate in-text citations) Describe the importance/uniqueness of your group’s topic. Describe how your accumulation affair anon ties to aspects of Psychology of Assortment (Clearly describe/define about specific assortment topic/concept/theme your accumulation would like to explore).  Summarize/Integrate/Consolidate 3 account accessories that your accumulation have  read.  How these accessories anon tie to your group’s topic? Describe the card that your accumulation chose to added analyze for your topic  Briefly call your alternative belief of the menu)  Selected Academic Journals (these are alone few examples...) Cultural Assortment & Ethnic Minority Psychology Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development Journal of Counseling Psychology The Counseling Psychologist Psychology of Women Quarterly Psychology of Men & Masculinities Asian American Account of Psychology

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