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   1. What is the aberration amid a cult, a camp and a boilerplate abbey –give a specific archetype of each? What role does cultural normalization and accepting comedy in whether a accumulation is advised a cult, camp and/or religion? Who were the Branch Davidians and what is their history? Are they a cult, camp or boilerplate adoration – why or why not?  2. How did the account media assemble the Branch Davidian accumulation into a threat? What role did the “Sinful Messiah” alternation done by the Waco Tribune abreast the time of the ATF arrest of the group’s abbey and address comedy in how the alfresco apple beheld the group? During the arrest what role did the media comedy in authoritative the accumulation out to be a band – what accent did they use to call the accumulation and their baton that contributed this characterization and how did the ATF and FBI use this to their advantage? 3. Why did the ATF arrest the compound? What mistakes did they accomplish in the before, during and afterwards the arrest that fabricated the bearings worse? Compare the perspectives of both the Seconds from Disaster: Waco and the Waco: Rules of Engagement Documentary – how did they alter in the assuming of the accumulation and on the affair of who and why the blaze was started – why does it amount who started the fire?     :�֋�

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