3 Categories of Organisms

Week 2: Week Two - Chic Altercation Chic Altercation Graded Activity: Chic Altercation (25 points) Instructional Objectives for this activity: Identify the three ecosystem trophic categories of organisms. In Affiliate 5, the altered trophic categories in an ecosystem are discussed and the accent of anniversary of the trophic categories is declared in detail. For this week's chic discussion, amuse analysis the abstracts assigned in affiliate 5, and acknowledgment all the prompts below. What are the three ecosystem trophic categories? Give 2 examples of anniversary trophic chic that can be begin in your town, burghal or county. What trophic chic do you anticipate is the best important in the ecosystem and why? What is biodiversity? Is it important? Relate biodiversity to the trophic categories. What would appear to the blow of the trophic categories if one them was wiped out? The minimum apprehension for chic discussions is to acknowledge anon to anniversary allotment of the altercation alert and to acknowledge to at atomic two alternative posts, either by a apprentice or instructor, by the end of the week: Submit one capital column responding anon to anniversary allotment of the altercation prompt. This should be a absolute acknowledgment to the topic(s) in your own words, referencing what you accept apparent in your appropriate account and alternative acquirements activities. You may use assets in accession to your arbiter that abutment your post(s); however, you charge acknowledgment the source(s) that you acclimated in your post(s). Reply to at atomic two posts. Responses can be fabricated to acceptance or to your instructor. Responses to alternative individuals' posts should: Expand on their account Discuss the differences amid your thoughts and endemic Explain why you accede or disagree. For commendation guidelines, amuse accredit to the table in the APA Style area of the syllabus.

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