3 Assignments

Assignment  1. Business Strategy       For this assignment, accede a business – any business. You are either the buyer or the business manager. Describe a artefact or service.      Describe the 4 Ps of your product/service (The Artefact or account itself, the Price, the Place – which is its distribution, and the Promotion – how is it actuality promoted).  For example, RedBox has a amount of 1.20 (Price) for movies (Product/service) or 1.50 (Price) for BlueRay movies (Product/Service). They use automat machines (Place/Distribution) amid at assorted accessibility stores, etc. (Place/Distribution). By analysis at accessibility food (also Promotion) and application argument alerts (Promotion) and email (Promotion) they accumulate their cast in advanced of us so we anticipate about RedBox anytime we anticipate about cine rentals. In fact, you could altercate their amount point is additionally allotment of their Promotion.  Obviously, your cardboard would accept to be best than the archetype and you would accept to explain how or why those methods are able or not, but that is a quick analogy of how simple it is to see a accepted artefact or account and analyze their 4 Ps of marketing.  This cardboard should be about one page   Assignment 2.   Financial Statements In your book the three big banking statements are the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows. There are additionally several Banking Ratios that can be bent application the advice from these banking statements. Choose TWO (2) of the Banking Statements and TWO (2) of the Banking Ratios and explain them. Allocution about what they are and why they are important and what you may be able to acquaint about a aggregation from these items. This cardboard may end up a little best than 2 pages (but maybe not). Please accumulate it to no added than three (3) pages. Assignment  3.   (NO MORE THAN 150 WORDS PLEASE) Amusing Media Business  Collapse          Discuss amusing media marketing. You can allocution about account you accept that could or should be acclimated or aloof allocution about some of the strategies that you accept apparent with Amusing media business (facebook pages that appetite you to like them, etc.) You may additionally appetite to attending up www.PayWithaTweet.com (you may accept to archetype and adhesive the articulation - sometimes beat does not assignment central of Blackboard). This armpit allows business owners (restaurants, authors, retail, etc.) to action a way to accept article chargeless (free soda, chargeless archetype of a book, chargeless account at their store, etc.) for bodies aloof for tweeting about their product/service. The abstraction is that you can attract barter to cheep about you to get the chat out and they get article for chargeless in return.

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