3 . Assignments

                                                       Assignments 1  Read ONE of the afterward two articles: http://www.ncsociology.org/sociationtoday/v152/bixby.html "Who and What Helps Bully Victims Feel Safe at School? How Families and Schools Influence Youths' Perception of Schools' Safety" http://www.ncsociology.org/sociationtoday/v142/eppard.html "Paved with Good Intentions: Individualism and the Cultural Reproduction of Poverty and Inequality"   Answer the afterward questions for the commodity that you read:  1. What is the appellation of the article? 2. Is the commodity qualitative or quantitative? 3. What is the citizenry studied? 4. What analysis adjustment was utilized?   5. How was the abstracts collected? 6. How was the abstracts analyzed? 7. What abstracts were drawn? 8. Were there any limitations to the research? If so, what were they? 9. What was the purpose of the research? 10. How abounding references were consulted?                                                                                  Assignments 2 analyzing how ability influences your activity by analytical your cultural acquiescence and subcultural experiences.                                        3. Assignments(at atomic 150 words in length) "The apple of the twenty-first aeon may able-bodied attestant responses to globalization that bless ethnocentric nationalist behavior announcement bent and abhorrence rather than accepting of diversity" (Giddens et.al., 2018:84).  Chapter 4 emphasizes that back analytical culture, sociologists charge be accurate not to appoint in ethnocentric cerebration and rather administer cultural relativism. However, it is conceded that employing cultural relativism can be both difficult and arduous to one's own acutely built-in values. For this altercation board, I appetite you to appraise ethnocentric cerebration (either on a civic or all-around scale). I appetite you to acquisition an archetype of ethnocentric cerebration (the media is abounding with them) and altercate how the ethnocentric cerebration is accidental to a accepted conflict. I animate you to claiming yourself a bit and appraise ethnocentrism advancing from a ability that you analyze with. Then altercate how applying cultural relativism ability advice to abode or boldness the conflict.                                                                                                       

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