3 assigments

here are three assignment  i charge again in 24 hours. assignment 1  Compose an article to abode the elements listed below.  Identify the apparatus of an advice arrangement (IS) application the five-component framework, and accommodate a abrupt arbitrary of each.  Explain Porter’s bristles armament model.  Management IS (MIS) absorb software and accouterments technologies to accommodate advantageous advice for decision-making. Explain anniversary of the afterward IS, and use at atomic one archetype in anniversary to abutment your discussion: o a accord advice system, o a database administration system, o a agreeable administration system, o a ability management/expert system, o a chump accord administration system, o an action ability planning system, o a amusing media IS, o a business intelligence/decision abutment system, and o an action IS.  Identify and altercate one abstruse and one animal aegis to assure adjoin IS aegis threats.  There are several processes that can be acclimated to advance IS and applications such as systems development activity aeon (SDLC) and scrum (agile development). Accommodate a abrupt description of SDLC and scrum, and again altercate at atomic one affinity and one aberration amid SDLC and scrum  Sum up your cardboard by discussing the accent of MIS. Your cardboard charge be at atomic three pages in breadth (not counting the appellation and advertence pages), and you charge use at atomic two resources. Be abiding to adduce all sources acclimated in APA format, and architecture your article in APA style.  assignment 2  Final Absorption Throughout this course, you congenital a activity in which you categorical a plan for your accepted alignment or one you researched. For your final submission, you will reflect aloft what you abstruse and how you can administer this in your approaching career. Your absorption charge be a minimum of two pages in breadth and abode the afterward points:  What role do you accept a baton plays during an authoritative change?  What abilities and ability do you accept that can advice you advance others through change?  What are means you can actuate advisers through an authoritative change? How would the ability of the alignment comedy a role in your decision? If you accept acquaintance with authoritative change, amuse allotment it as allotment of your reflection. If you do not accept acquaintance with change, explain what you anticipate you would do if accustomed the opportunity. Alfresco analysis is not a claim for this assignment. However, if alfresco sources are used, be abiding to adduce and advertence them according to APA standards.  assignment 3  In this assignment, you will actualize a presentation for your alignment to explain how acknowledged accord can advance success and accommodate aggressive advantages. Scenario: Your alignment has acclimated a array of accord systems developed by some activity managers. Some of these systems were acknowledged while others were not. Your alignment has one different challenge—many of your advisers are staffed at alternative locations or appointment from home (telework). You would like to assimilate the accord action to advance aggregation advice for all aggregation projects. In your presentation, you should accommodate the elements listed below.  Explain why accord advice systems (IS) are important from the organization’s perspective.  Discuss how accord accoutrement can advance aggregation communication.  Identify three accoutrement that will be acclimated for ancillary communications and three accoutrement that will be acclimated for asynchronous communications. Be abiding to explain why you fabricated these choices.  Describe how activity files, such as Microsoft (MS) Word, MS Excel, MS Project, and MS Visio, will be aggregate with aggregation members. Be abiding to explain the account abaft your choice.  Explain how the appointment account for managing tasks will be aggregate with aggregation members. Be abiding to explain the account abaft your choice.  Discuss how this new accord IS could accommodate aggressive advantages for your organization. Your presentation should be a minimum of six slides in breadth (not counting the appellation and advertence slides). Use of images, graphics, and diagrams is encouraged. You can use an industry of your allotment or examples from your claimed or able adventures in developing this assignment. You can additionally use the assets in the Unit II Suggested Reading area to abetment you with this assignment. Be abiding to chase the 7x7 aphorism (i.e., there should be no added than 7 words per band and no added than 7 curve per slide). You are appropriate to use apostle addendum to altercate the ammo credibility on your slides. You charge use at atomic two bookish assets to abutment your presentation, and you charge adduce (in APA format) any advice on your slides or in your apostle addendum that came from these sources.   

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