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454 Administrative Scenario: You are in allegation of the authoritative investigation. You charge analyze legal, ethical, and moral appearance violations that occurred. Review the afterward interviews: Interview 1 You account Officer X, and he denies actuality in the man’s home with the man’s wife and fraternizing with her. Officer X said that Officer Y is his alibi. Officer X said that he was with Officer Y at Officer Y’s abode back the declared accord happened.  Interview 2 You account Officer Y, and he initially verifies Officer X’s story. However, beneath interrogation, Officer Y changes his story, and he admits that he was not with Officer X and that he aria for Officer X because Officer X asked him to do so. Subsequently, Officer Y is no best an account for Officer X.  Interview 3 You re-interview Officer X, and he continues abstinent accord and denies actuality in the man’s home with the man’s wife. However, back you acquaint Officer X that Officer Y accepted to lying for him, Officer X admits to you that he aria and that he did associate with the alternative man’s wife and that he was abandoned with her in her home. In a 3–4-page paper, acknowledgment the afterward authoritative questions: Did a accord action abuse occur? What is the purpose of accepting and administration accord policies? Why do agencies accept accord policies? Did Officer X lie during the authoritative investigation? Did Officer X animate Officer Y to lie for him? Is this alone an ethical issue, or does it additionally absorb moral turpitude? When does an ethical affair acceleration to the akin of moral turpitude? When does a moral affair acceleration to the akin of criminality? If the media acquisition out about this investigation, what will the accessible apprehend you to do about it? Sometimes, the camouflage is worse than the aboriginal act itself. As a bent amends administrator, what is the best way to handle this affectionate of situation

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