250 words Response (Comparing poets Dickinson and Whitman)

  Write a 250-word (minimum) acknowledgment to anniversary autograph alert below.  Responses charge accommodate quotes from anniversary argument acclimated to get abounding credit. Be abiding to quote, cite, and advertence from the text(s) application adapted APA format.  Put all autograph assignments in ONE Microsoft Word document.   Dickinson and Whitman are two important poets from the antebellum period. They are actual different, both in agreement of anatomy (what their balladry looks like on the page) and content. Write a comparison, application balladry from the assigned reading, that includes at atomic three agreement (ode, sonnet, elegy, casual poem, lyric, chargeless verse, limerick, imagery, allusion,alliteration, personification, simile, metaphor, stanza, beat scheme)  , as able-bodied as the poets' purpose in writing. What letters are they aggravating to back in their poetry? Are they successful? Of the two poets, which one do you adopt and why? (From The Norton Anthology American Literature, Shorther Ninth Edition, Beginnings to 1865) If don't accept book amuse ask for pictures of the poems. Poems: Emily DickinsonPoem 122 ("These are the canicule back Birds appear back") (Vol , p.1251)Poem 207 ("I aftertaste a liquor never brewed") (Vol 1, p. 1252)Poem 236 ("Some accumulate the Sabbath activity to Church") (Vol 1, p. 1253) Walt Whitman "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" (Vol 1, pp. 1135-1139)  

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