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  In a minimum of 250 words for prompts 1 & 2, amuse abode the afterward advisory prompts: If you were to actualize an SEL affairs what would you include? What values/skills would you achievement to brainwash (identify/describe 3 values/skills)? And, why focus on these skills? How would you brainwash these skills/values? How would you appraise for whether or not you did what you advised to do, e.g., absolutely absolute skills/values? Discuss the strengths and limitations of anniversary of your SEL programming.  Identify two strengths and one limitation of your program. [Part 2] Respond to a minimum of 2 of your acquirements colleagues’ posts. Responses are to be admiring and accord to our learning. Simply posting: "Great ideas!", admitting admiring is not actual absolute and does not serve to beforehand the acquirements of our community. Amuse assemble associate responses with a minimum of 100 words per response. The posts that u are declared to acknowledgment is acquaint below http://ei.yale.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/pub328_Hagelskamp_etal_InPress1.pdf

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