24th Amendment

The alteration was one of the aftermost acknowledged vestiges of allegory that approved to accumulate the atramentous citizenry and the poor bodies from accommodating in the vote. As today, the 24th Alteration to the Architecture guarantees that no actuality can be denied the appropriate to vote due to an disability to pay a tax above-mentioned to voting. The "poll tax" is now advised unconstitutional. The poll tax was levied on an alone acclimated as a prerequisite for voting. Poll taxes are the aforementioned for all bodies accountable to them, behindhand of their income, acreage or alternative taxes paid.It was beholden that this alteration is in the constitution. It was bare because the poll tax was befitting assertive individuals from voting because of their assets and/or their race, and that is actionable according to the Fourteenth Amendment. It is so antic to accept to pay to vote for article abnormally back you are voting to see who is activity to run your own country. Voting is one of the abounding rights of every American aborigine and as continued as you are an American aborigine you should be able to vote after paying. This alteration is a footfall advanced in according rights and you can absolutely see that today.Without the Twenty-fourth Alteration the Americans aborigine cannot vote behindhand of his or her chase or banking status. Therefore, we charge to acknowledgment for this amendment. As today, every American aborigine is accustomed to vote as continued as he/or she are eighteen and registered. I do not anticipate that this alteration could go abundant further. I anticipate it has gone as far as it cans because cipher has had to pay to vote for an acclamation since. I am a USA aborigine and I did not apprehend that in the old canicule the poll tax was based on racism and that you could be barred from voting because you did not pay taxes.I accept apprehend accessories on men and women that accept never been able to vote until this alteration was anesthetized because they were poor and could not allow it. Some bodies were in their forties afore they could vote and it would not abruptness me if there were bodies that had not been able to vote until they were abundant earlier or addition who never accept a adventitious to vote at all. I anticipate today the adolescent citizenry is demography advantage of actuality able to vote at eighteen and not accepting to pay a tax to do so.Hopefully with time my bearing will see the accent of voting and will do so in the future. It is a abundant account and advantage to vote and to accept the abandon to articulation your assessment in a chargeless election. I adulation my country because every four years we accept a mini anarchy area the admiral of the white abode are either afflicted or backward the aforementioned after a distinct attempt actuality fired, after a distinct activity actuality sacrificed, after races, religion, indigenous background, political attitude and amusing cachet actuality alley blocks to accumulate us from voting backed by the Architecture and this amendment.In conclusion, it is a abashment that so abounding bodies do not apprehend the amount of voting. It’s sad that they do not exercise their appropriate to vote. Just brainstorm that we still accept the poll tax, I accept that we would be appropriate area we are today. On the alternative hand, I apperceive that the poll tax to me was actionable and that no amount what, the Twenty-Fourth Alteration was a charge to accompany American acculturation together. In some way, that makes us all equal. This is what this country has been aggravating to do for a continued time.

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