21 century paper csu class

  The trend in the 21st aeon is to advance and agents jobs that are specialized and awful technical. The training, abilities competence, and achievement appraisement systems that are in abode charge to fit the specificity of these abstruse jobs. In a 3--page paper, abode the following: Discuss how connected acknowledgment provided by able performance-management programs encourages and assists employees. Describe how acknowledgment helps to enhance the achievement appraisement action that leads to improvement, promotions, or terminations. Evaluate how animal assets development programs that abode the different needs of some advisers can be implemented to access goodwill, attract, and absorb affection employees. You may use PowerPoint or Internet-based presentation accoutrement such as Prezi or Slide Rocket. Be abiding to accommodate the URL of your presentation back application Internet-based tools. Paste the URL into a Word certificate and upload with your presentation. You can acquisition added accessible guides on authoritative presentations in the CSU-Global Library. Incorporate two bookish HRM sources on how HRM professionals can use acknowledgment systems to enhance agent performance. The CSU-Global Library is a acceptable abode to acquisition these sources. Use aboveboard sources.

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