ACTION RESEARCH AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Case Assignment For this assignment, aboriginal anxiously analysis the appropriate accomplishments materials. Make abiding you are awful accustomed with the capital accomplish complex in activity analysis and authoritative development discussed in the readings. When you are accomplished reviewing the accomplishments materials, booty a abutting attending at the four scenarios below.   For anniversary book below, anticipate about the affidavit why things did not appointment out able-bodied for the aggregation in question. Added specifically, anticipate about which accepted activity analysis or authoritative development footfall was not taken. Your appointment for this appointment is not to explain what accomplish the alignment should take—you would charge to go into the aggregation and do some diffuse activity analysis in adjustment to do this! Instead aloof analysis the accepted activity analysis and authoritative development accomplish covered in the accomplishments abstracts and try to appraise which key footfall was missing in the scenarios below. Then address a 4- to 5-page cardboard acclamation the afterward for anniversary scenario: A. What activity analysis or authoritative footfall was missing and B. Why missing this footfall ability accept led to failure. Make abiding to altercate at atomic one of the appropriate readings in your altercation of anniversary scenario, and to adduce all three of the appropriate readings in your paper. 1. Sales accept gone bottomward at the XYZ Widget Corporation and cipher in the organization, including the CEO, seems to apperceive why. They adjudge to appoint an authoritative development adviser to do some activity research. The adviser and the CEO absorb a lot of time discussing how to proceed. It is agreed that the adviser will attending at abounding altered types of data, including sales abstracts and interviews with best employees. Afterwards interviewing a few employees, the adviser decides that the botheration faced by this aggregation is about the aforementioned as one of his antecedent audience who underpaid its sales staff. The adviser writes up a address advising a ample pay access for the sales staff, which is anon implemented. However, six months afterwards sales are still down. 2. HN Motors is a ample architect of both cars and motorcycles. Given the new appeal for aerial breadth vehicles, the aggregation has absitively to advance a car/motorcycle amalgam that has three auto and looks like a tiny chase car. However, neither the car administration nor the motorcycle administration wants to booty the advance and the activity keeps accepting stalled.   HN Motors decides to appoint a adviser to arbitrate the differences amid the car and motorcycle departments. During interviews with both departments, the adviser finds that the car administration doesn’t appetite to appointment on the amalgam agent because of assurance concerns.   The adviser recommends that they “split the difference” amid the two departments and that a cross-functional aggregation be created with an according cardinal of advisers from both departments alive on the project.   HN Motors' administration brand this advocacy and pay the consultant, but say that they can booty it from actuality and don’t charge the consultant’s casework anymore. A few months afterwards the activity is still adjourned and they don’t apperceive why. They alarm up the adviser to try to get him to appear back, but by now he is active alive with alternative clients. 3. Dr. Joseph Hotshot is a arch administration adviser who accuse huge fees for his Extra Appropriate Activity Analysis System®. His patented arrangement involves administering a survey, application a accepted set of questions, of every agent of any aggregation that hires him. Then he conducts a appropriate academy to actuate the employees, modifying his motivational speeches for anniversary applicant hardly based on the answers to the survey.   One day the CEO of Ace Carpet Cleaning runs beyond Dr. Hotshot’s website and sees that he has a appropriate 50% abatement on his consulting casework this month. Not absent to absence out on this bargain, the CEO decides to appoint him. All of the advisers become actual motivated by Dr. Hotshot’s accent and appointment actual adamantine for a few weeks. But afterwards a few months annihilation has absolutely afflicted and the CEO starts to admiration if the ample consulting fee was account it alike with the 50% discount. 4. The Kooltrendy Internet software aggregation has afresh purchased Hardwrk, a aggressive Internet software company. Kooltrendy wants the alliance to go through as calmly as accessible with basal conflicts amid advisers of the two companies, so they accept assassin an authoritative development adviser to attending at means to advice affluence this alteration for all employees.   Kooltrendy interviews several consultants, but settles on one adviser who has a lot of acquaintance with these types of mergers. The adviser conducts all-encompassing one-on-one interviews with advisers as able-bodied as a all-embracing analysis that assesses agent ethics and attitudes. Afterwards anxiously reviewing the analysis and account data, the adviser concludes that Kooltrendy has a actual fun and above accumulated culture, admitting Hardwrk has a added aggressive and austere accumulated culture.   Satisfied that it knows how to fix the problem, Kooltrendy anon decides to apparatus “Fun Fridays” for Hardwrk advisers that absorb baptize gun fights, apparel contests, or alternative activities every Friday in adjustment to accompany Hardwrk’s ability added in band with the above ability of Kooltrendy. However, they are puzzled to see that every Friday added and added Hardwrk advisers abdicate and they are borderline why the “Fun Friday” band-aid did not work.

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