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Case Study 2: Implementation Strategies Due Week 7 and account 175 points Your proposed advice arrangement is still a contender. The executives, however, are allurement whether it is too bound to anticipate the adumbration IT projects that abide to booty abode throughout the organization. They accept that you accept advised what the alignment does now, but how will your arrangement acclimate to new articles and processes? Read IQMS (2015) for a accurate archetype of what they mean. You’ll accept to annihilate their fears, so it’s time for addition memo. Please focus on these points: 1. Identify any cogent changes that your alignment ability analytic accomplish in its artefact offerings in the abutting 3 years. Explain the aggressive allowances of this change. 2. Explain how your advice arrangement addresses or can acclimate to the addition of these new artefact offerings. 3. Give one acumen why capabilities for the new artefact offerings should or should not be congenital in the antecedent advice arrangement design. Justify your reason. This announcement should be 3–5 pages long. Reference: IQMS. (2015). Quick Response Manufacturing Yields Lower Inventories & Improves banknote flow. Retrieved from https://www.iqms.com/files/case-studies/quick-response-manufacturing.pdf.

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