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I charge to 2 responses criticizing 2 acceptance outline. absorbed is the commodity and explanation on how to criticize my peers.  Sydney Vasquez  "I'm a Canadian, And I'm Applying for US Citizenship" What conceptions of citizenship do you anticipate altered groups of voters had in the 2016 presidential election? How do these conceptions affect bodies in the US now? Outline: "I'm a Canadian, And I'm Applying for US Citizenship" THESIS: Before the 2016 election, America fabricated abundant advance in commendations to diversity. With Trump adequate president, we accept regressed - as he has advocated for white supremacist to accurate their animosity on racism, abhorrence adjoin immigrants, and their ahead amidst alternative ancestral groups in America.           I. Due to Donald Trump's attack promises, he fueled abounding nationalists to be articulate with their angle and is answerable for racist abandon from his supporters.                                A. White abolitionist accept hosted at atomic 40-50 rallies over the aftermost year, which all usually aftereffect in abandon adjoin Anti-Trump supporters.                                B. White nationalists like Richard Spencer, allege about in commendations to analytical alternative races, and how white supremacy will appear with a baton who supports it. (State of Emergency Declared Ahead of White Abolitionist Accent in Florida. CNNNews. Eric Levenson. Oct 2017)                                C. While I'm abiding white supremacy and it's supporters never died down, abounding citizens are taken aback on how bad things accept gotten back Trump has taken office.           II. Abounding immigrants abhorrence actuality taken abroad from their families, and a bigger activity as Trump continuously threatens displacement of immigrants.                                 A. Trump ran a above allotment of his attack absorption on architecture a "wall" on the Mexico bound preventing abounding Mexicans from traveling to the US.                                 B. Also, enforcing a austere biking ban that kept refugees from entering the US for at atomic 120 canicule (primarily those from predominantly Muslim nations). Mr. Trump has alike about said "We don't appetite them here" at a signing commemoration at the Pentagon. (NY Times. Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries. Michael Shear. Jan 2017)           III. As Kachroo-Levine declared in her essay, abounding bodies are actual afraid now to abide their activity of citizenship beneath the adjuration of Admiral Trump. Alike citizens of the US accept appropriate affective to surrounding countries to abstain actuality beneath the Trump era.                                  A. Abounding citizens back the acclamation abhorrence for their assurance and their security. With all the abandon that has arisen, abnormally in southern states, abounding are borderline how to abide absolute during Trump's presidency.                                 B. In this time of such abhorrence and disgust, abounding citizens are application this time to acknowledge the assortment this country does have, and how we can angle as a accomplished adjoin such groups who do not agree.  Celina Furness I’m a Canadian and I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship What conceptions of citizenship do you anticipate altered groups of voters had in the 2016 presidential election?  How do these conceptions affect bodies in the United States now? Celina Furness ENG 101 Online Professor Melda Beaty November 10, 2017 Outline: I’m a Canadian and I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship THESIS: Trump’s abhorrent and racist address has fueled white nationalist groups, added racial-based violence, and threatened abeyant citizenship for immigrants from countries perceived to be dangerous. White nationalist groups accept acquired drive and associates due to Trump’s abhorrence accent and anti-immigration sentiment. Watching a accessible amount get abroad with this affectionate of abhorrence speech, to the point of it actuality celebrated, has encouraged white nationalists to accumulate at an alarming rate. Richard Spencer, white abolitionist and baton of the Civic Policy Institute: “We've been legitimized by this election," he says. While the attack itself was a huge accession to the movement, Trump's election, he says, has brought the Alt-Right to "a new level." (Posner) White bellicism was already on the acceleration during Obama’s presidency, Trump alone emboldened them. Trump’s arrant racism and abrupt abhorrence accent has fabricated the U.S. an added alarming abode for bodies of color, abnormally immigrants. The access of abhorrence groups in America back the Obama administering anon correlates with the accretion of race-based abhorrence crimes. “Hate crimes in nine U.S. city areas rose added than 20 percent aftermost year, fueled by affronted passions during the presidential attack and added alertness for victims to footfall forward” (Reuters). FBI statistics appearance that abhorrence crimes adjoin Muslims grew by 67 percent in 2015, the year in which Trump launched his campaign. (Southern Poverty Law Center) Executive adjustment 13769, accepted as the Muslim Ban, was issued January 27, 2017, and abolished on March 16, 2017. Although it is no best in effect, Muslim travelers are still adverse balance consequences. In accession to the dangers faced by the acceleration in abhorrence crimes, abounding of society's best accessible immigrant groups now face the blackmail of deportation. The Deferred Activity for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was rescinded by the Trump administering in September 2017. DACA accustomed undocumented immigrants who entered the United States to accretion a assignment admittance and a renewable deferred activity from deportation. Those immigrants who are adequate beneath DACA are currently borderline of their approaching in this country. Hate crimes and clearing are accordingly affiliated because of white nationalists, as can be apparent in this adduce apropos absurd affair about white Americans accident their “majority” status: Regnery says Trump has fabricated it added adequate to allocution about "white dispossession," bringing it into the civic conversation. (Posner) Although America is acclaimed as a “melting pot”, abounding groups accept differing opinions on who does or does not belong. Trump’s acclamation to appointment has acutely acquired an access in racism, white nationalism, and abhorrence crimes. Kachroo-Levine explains her fears while Trump is in power: “Conceivably, in the Trump era, I could be chock-full in the artery as a nonwhite being and asked to aftermath affidavit of residency,” (Kachroo-Levine). A poll conducted by Gallup reveals that alone 35% of the U.S. citizenry wants clearing to be decreased: “Though preventing actionable clearing was one of the president's key attack promises, the accepted admiration to abatement clearing is abreast its celebrated low in Gallup's trend over added than bisected a century.” (McCarthy).  

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