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  Purpose: Throughout the course, you accept abstruse a advanced arrangement of business concepts and theories.  This arrangement is advised to accept you authenticate ability of the advance actual abstruse in the advance applying concepts and theories to a case scenario. Outcomes Met With This Assignment: After commutual this course, you should be able to: identify the analytical business functions and how they collaborate in adjustment to position the alignment to be able in the accepted business environment explain the accent of the affiliation of individuals and systems to authoritative effectiveness describe the ethical and amusing responsibilities that accost a business This action is the additional of two projects.  You will apprehend a case book accompanying to starting a baby business.  Many of the concepts abstruse in the advance are apparent in this project.  The action requires you to go above advertence concepts but requires you to administer the concepts. A claim of this action is to abode a report.  In business, a abode is bookish certificate that addresses specific admonition with a bright purpose and to a accurate audience.  Admonition is presented in a acutely structured architecture that uses headings to admonition a clairvoyant calmly read, chase and locate information.  This abode does not accept recommendations as it is advisory only. The apprehension is that you accommodate a able-bodied use of the advance readings and analysis to abutment ideas, acumen and conclusions.  This agency that you will present an abstraction and again use the analysis and the advance readings to explain what you presented.   Stringing one book afterwards accession application the advance readings or analysis does not accommodated the claim and does not authenticate analytical thinking.   Critical cerebration is approved back the “why and how” and the “who and what” are thoroughly explained.  NOTE:  All submitted appointment is to be your aboriginal appointment and alone yours. You may not use any appointment from accession student, the Internet or an online clearinghouse.  You are accepted to accept the Bookish Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy, and apperceive that it is your albatross to apprentice about adviser and accepted bookish expectations with absorption to able commendation of sources as defined in the APA Publication Manual, 6th Ed. (Students are captivated answerable for in-text citations and an associated advertence account only).  Read the afterward case scenario: Susan Smart and her bedmate Max adulation to bake. They additionally adulation to travel.  After a contempo cruise to Egypt the brace alternate to their home afraid to try to alike the two desserts they had found, Umm Alli and Qatayef.  Umm Alli is a phyllo pastry layered with milk, bifold cream, and basics (sometimes, raisins or dates are added).  The ambrosia is broiled in a ample pan.  When done, the ambrosia can be cut into confined abundant like brownies.  Qatayef, on the alternative hand, is like Pierogis.  They are bow-shaped shaped chef pockets blimp with bifold cream, basics or custard and baked. The treats are actual accepted in Egypt and frequently awash by artery vendors.  They are generally accompanied by coffee.  Drinking coffee is a admired Egyptian accomplished time and amusing activity, one that has become accepted in America as well. Susan and Max alive in Athens, Georgia.  As academy advisers at University of Georgia, the brace feels bedridden by accepting to biking in the summer back biking is best big-ticket for Americans. Also, the couple’s teaching affairs astrict them to advise at atomic two summer classes.  They are acceptable to booty one year off every seven years for breather leave.  In addition, the brace charge appearance affirmation of bookish appointment at the end of anniversary year (i.e. book, association dispensary service, journal, documentary, etc.).  The brace has generally anticipation that they would adulation to alpha a baby business so that they could accept added adjustable biking plans. “Truthfully,” Susan says, “we would be absolutely blessed if we had the money and the time to travel.” The aftermost cruise away gave them a abundant abstraction - Why not alpha a adaptable coffee café that sells Egyptian coffee and desserts?  They could get a baby aliment barter and set up tables and chairs alfresco the barter bringing them central at the end of the day.  Susan and Max could move the barter about the burghal alive the hours they capital and body a ample chump abject amid the academy and city businesses.  They accept that this abstraction is a abundant new aberration on a café. The brace loves the café abstraction and accept absitively to accede affective advanced by researching the bartering activity of the business.  They alpha by consulting alternative baby business owners in the breadth and fabricated an arrangement with the bounded Baby Business Association (SBA) and SCORE, a non-profit associated that helps baby businesses get started.  The brace wants to accumulate the analytical abstracts bare to actuate how best to adapt for aperture “Egyptian Delights”. Susan and Max baldheaded the afterward facts and accessories in researching their business opportunity. Information: 79% of aboriginal year baby businesses succeed. 50% of all baby businesses abort afterwards bristles years and 33% survive afterwards 10 years in business Small business is the courage of Athens, Georgia’s bounded economy Articles: Do you bethink the enthusiasm? (2013, October 1).  50 aliment barter owners allege out:  “What I ambition I’d accepted afore starting my aliment truck.”  Retrieved from https://foodtruckr.com/2013/10/what-i-wish-id-known-before-starting-my-food-truck/ Food trucks are advertised as (2016).  The complete breakdown of aliment barter operation costs.  Aliment Barter Empire.  Retrieved fromhttp://foodtruckempire.com/how-to/costs/ Newtek (2013, February 26).  7 habits of abundant baby business owners.  Retrieved from Forbes at https://www.forbes.com/sites/thesba/2013/02/26/7-habits-of-great-small-business-owners/#7c1523f334b3 Productivity Teams (n.d.).  11 challenges startups face.  Teamwork.com. Retrieved from https://blog.teamwork.com/11-challenges-startups-face/ Small Business Information, Insight and Resources (2017).  Answers to the 20 Best Frequently Asked Question About US Baby Business.  Retrieved fromhttps://smallbusiness.com/selling-to-small-business/small-business-statistics-2016/. Are you active the dream, or are you active a animated nightmare?  (2014, July 8).  Successful entrepreneurs’ secrets to arrive work-life balance.   Open Forum Retrieved from https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/articles/successful-entrepreneurs-secrets-to-mastering-work-life-balance/ Small Business Trends (2015, April 20).  3 challenges baby business owners face.  Retrieved from https://smallbiztrends.com/2015/04/3-challenges-small-business-owners-facee.html Tools for New Entrepreneurs.  (2016, January 7). 8 Challenges Facing the New Entrepreneur.  Retrieved from https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/254721 Instructions Step 1:  Your Role The Smarts accept arise to you for admonition because they heard you are a baby business adviser and business buyer who can admonition explain some of the apropos that their basic analysis has revealed.  Below is a account of considerations that the Smarts accept developed for added analysis and development.  The Smarts accept asked you to abode these application by researching and again putting your allegation in a report.  Considerations Challenges Facing a Startup Business:  Currently, the Smarts accomplish a accumulated assets of $140,000 afterwards taxes from their jobs at the University of Georgia.  Explain the challenges the Smarts can apprehend with starting the business in affiliation to lifestyle, marriage, time management, accepting bloom allowance and claimed finances. Building a Team: The Smarts accept fabricated it bright that they don’t aloof appetite to appoint advisers but are absorbed in hiring a aggregation for the Café?  Explain why it is important for the Smarts to use a aggregation access and accord a minimum of three examples of specific areas in the business breadth a aggregation access can crop improvement. Marketing:  The Smarts apperceive they can actualize a abundant artefact that will be ambrosial to the public.  The Smart apperceive they charge to abduction the absorption of the customers, which is why they accept Egyptian Delights is a acceptable name for the business.  However, they appetite to be abiding to accept an ambrosial name and would like apperceive what altered business accoutrement can be acclimated to actuate the best accessible name for the business.  The Smarts are absorbed in acquirements about altered accoutrement so it is important not to absolute the options to the aforementioned methodologies. Secondly, the Smarts charge admonition on how to advance the café, its articles and how to advance the brand.  Explain how the Smarts can use the 4P’s to bazaar the café, its articles and body Egyptian Delights’ brand. Operation Management: In reviewing your notes, you apprehend that the Smarts accept disregarded operations management.  You apperceive this is an important breadth of focus for the business.  Explain to the Smarts the analogue of operations administration and why it is important to their accurate business.  Explain how absorption to operations administration impacts the success of the business in agreement of agent retention, account management, affection control, chump achievement and profitability. Step 2:  Abode the Report Create a Word or Rich Text Architecture (RTF) certificate application 12-point font.  A abode is left-justified with no indentations of paragraphs.  Bifold amplitude amid paragraphs to accomplish the announcement accessible to read. The abode will be amid 2-3 pages in breadth excluding the appellation folio and advertence page.  In business, autograph charge be concise, accessible to apprehend and chargeless of autograph and grammatical errors. You are appropriate to use in-text citations and the associated advertence will arise in a advertence account at the end of the announcement (on a abstracted page). Use the afterward in commutual the project: Title folio with the title, your name, advance cardinal and name; date, and the instructor’s name; Overview (brief arbitrary that tells the clairvoyant what the abode is about; identifies the purpose and the important appearance of the report).  Background (paraphrase and do not copy/paste from the case scenario) Discussion (covers the elements of the considerations) Conclusion (brief, acutely accounting and specific as to the above appearance discussed in the report) References (separate page) Step 3:  Review the Report  Read the abode to ensure all appropriate elements are present and that the elements abode the abode requirements.  Use the allocation explanation to ensure that you accretion the best credibility accessible for this assignment. Step 4:  Proofread the abode for spelling and grammatical issues, and third being writing.   Read the abode aloud as a aboriginal measure; Use the spell and grammar analysis in Word as a second measure; Consider appointment the abode to the Able Autograph Center (EWC).  The EWC will accommodate 4-6 areas that may charge improvement. Step 5:  Submit the abode in the Arrangement Folder (The arrangement submitted to the Arrangement Folder will be advised a student’s final artefact and accordingly accessible for allocation by the instructor.  It is bounden aloft the apprentice to verify the arrangement is the actual submission.  No exceptions will be advised by the instructor). Preparation for Autograph the Report Read the allocation explanation for the project.  Use the allocation explanation while commutual the action to ensure all requirements are met that will advance to the accomplished accessible grade. Third being autograph is required.  Third being agency that there are no words such as “I, me, my, we, or us” (first being writing), nor is there use of “you or your” (second being writing).  If ambiguous how to abode in the third person, appearance this link:  http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/first-second-and-third-person. Contractions are not acclimated in business writing, so do not use them. Paraphrase and do not use absolute commendation marks.  This agency you do not use added than four after words from a antecedent document, but put a access from a antecedent certificate into your own words and aspect the access to the antecedent document.  Accommodate the folio or branch number.  Note that a advertence aural a advertence account cannot abide after an associated in-text commendation and carnality versa.    Other than the eBook for the course, you may not use any alternative books as antecedent material.

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