2 pages proposal Needed.Topic is “Does affirmative actions adversely affect Asians?” NO plagiarism must include creditable 10 source MLA, need the 2 pages Proposal within 4 hrs

  Final Activity Angle (10 Points) By the end of this course, you will accept been alien to several of the aloft methods acclimated by political scientists and capacity of American politics. Your Final Activity will authenticate your ability of both. For your Final Project, you will acknowledgment a analysis catechism you accept developed about American backroom application the methods, texts, and account we accept discussed in class. The aboriginal footfall will be to actualize and abide a Final Activity Proposal, due via email as a Word certificate no after than our chic affair at 11:00am on November 20th, which includes the following: Your active analysis question A branch anecdotic the adjustment you will use to acknowledgment your analysis question Your basic acknowledgment to your analysis catechism (hypothesis) or basic findings An broadcast outline which capacity the alignment of how you will present your research An annotated bibliography with at atomic 10 sources Your affair questions should abstain simple yes or no answers. Example questions ability be “When does the U.S. Congress best carefully represent the electorate?”, “Under what altitude does the U.S. government represent Hawaiian culture?”, or “How is Big Data acclimated to represent the ‘will of the people’?” In accession to the listed requirements above, your Angle may additionally accommodate a angle for a non-textual architecture you anticipate best ill-fitted to present your research.   Final Analysis Activity (40 Points) The final activity will be a 10-page analysis cardboard (not including your commendation pages), bifold spaced, with 1” margins and no beyond than 12pt font. Your article will be an acknowledgment to the catechism you formulated in your angle which acutely shows how you answered the catechism (methods), how you abutment your acknowledgment (findings), and what you anticipate the beyond implications of your analysis ability be (conclusion). Rather than decay the final chic by adage bawling goodbyes, we will use December 6th session to branch drafts of your affidavit and allotment our analysis with anniversary other. Please accompany a archetype of your draft, in whatever accompaniment it may be, printed out to chic with you. The final activity is due to me by email in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format 

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