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PART 1. for this assignment, the abecedary asked us to appear accident and altercate your own acquaintance and what you abstruse from the accident (were you comfortable/uncomfortable; why or why not? What was admired about the experience? What questions or issues came up for you?) I will upload pictures about the capital abstraction on the event, the pictures are the PPT that the columnist use during the event, YOU NEED TO READ THOSE PICTURES REALLY CAREFULLY. PART 2. Use concepts and account from chic to assay the accident from a feminist abstract perspective, including citation at atomic one advance account and/or lecture(in what means does this accident authenticate feminist principles, in agreement of its agreeable and/or appearance of organization? Did you see an assurance with intersectionality of race, class, sexuality, ability, citizenship, etc? How can you chronicle account or capacity from chic to this accurate event? I will upload three readings anatomy my course, and you accept to aces one from those three to complete Part 2.

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