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  uestion 1 What are the advantages and disadvantages of determinative and accumulative evaluation? Question 2 Kirkpatrick’s Appraisal Archetypal is the arch archetypal acclimated in TD affairs appraisal (page 252). Kirkpatrick’s Appraisal Archetypal has four appraisal levels: Reaction, learning, behavior, and results. A blemish in the antecedent Kirkpatrick Appraisal Archetypal was the exclusion of acknowledgment on advance (ROI), which has after been added as a fifth akin to the model. The columnist introduces addition appraisal archetypal in Table 6.1 analogue six appraisal outcomes advertence its agnate Kirkpatrick Level. Tables 6.2–6.5 accord examples of questions to appraise anniversary of the outcomes presented in Table 6.1. When evaluating a training program, an antecedent footfall is to actuate what akin of acquirements you appetite to assess, again to actuate how to best appraise that akin of learning. What abstracts accumulating will be used? Acquirements akin abstracts accumulating is addressed in Table 6.1 beneath “Measure Methods” and covered in added detail in the afterward pages. Training evaluations are frequently conducted on the akin one, reactions outcome, and abundant beneath frequently on the akin four, after-effects aftereffect (see Figure 6.3). Why would organizations use added akin one reactions appraisal than akin four after-effects evaluations?

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