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 1 page Implementing Admission Control"  Please acknowledge to the afterward IN YOUR OWN WORDS: There are abounding means to apparatus basic admission control. Admission ascendancy is bare for networks, applications, databases, concrete access, files, and so on….. Choose one breadth (Network Security? Database Security? ) that is in charge of admission ascendancy and altercate at least 5 behavior you would apparatus if you were an IT aegis manager.  1page Access Ascendancy and VPN " Please acknowledge to the 2 of the afterward IN YOUR OWN WORDS: Suppose you assignment for a aggregation that wants to apparatus a Basic Private Networks (VPN) for telecommuters. Determine which tunneling agreement you would acclaim and explain why. Our argument discusses concepts like identification, authentication, authorization, and accounting in the ambience of admission ascendancy and policy. As an IT aegis manager, which of these would you acceptable focus on for your alignment and why?  Encryption is a all-important aegis tool, but there is additionally aerial involved.   Again, as IT aegis manager, beneath what altitude should you be abiding to use encryption as a aegis measure?

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