2 DQS Nursing

Discussion 1 (300 words and 2-3 aboveboard references)

Vaccination mandates accept continued been acclimated in the U.S. to optimize aegis of the citizenry adjoin a ample arrangement of catching diseases. The best notable examples accommodate measles, mumps, polio, and smallpox vaccination.

Should HPV anesthetic be added to the account of vaccinations accounted to be compulsory? Why or why not? (Note: Be abiding to abutment your responses with affirmation from your background readings (see below); abortion to do so will aftereffect in point deductions.)

Discussion 2 (300 words and 2-3 aboveboard references)

After account and reviewing the appropriate abstracts of background readings (see below), draft a position cardboard abreast by what you abstruse from this accomplishments information. For this assignment, your position cardboard should booty a position on HPV vaccination.

Background Readings:

  • · Bhattacharya, D. (2013). Chapter 8: HPV vaccination. In Accessible bloom policy: Issues, theories, and advocacy. (pp. 213–244). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • · Abiola, S. E., Colgrove, J., & Mello, M. M. (2013). The backroom of HPV anesthetic action accumulation in the United States. Journal of Bloom Politics, Policy, and Law, 38(4), 645–681.
  • · Xavier University Library. (2014). How to address a position paper. Retrieved from http://www.xavier.edu/library/students/documents/position_paper.pdf
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  • · Bhattacharya, D. (2013). Chapter 4: The role of politics: Players, processes, and power. In Accessible bloom policy: Issues, theories, and advocacy. (pp. 99–139). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • · Malone, K. M., & Hinman, A. R. (2007). Anesthetic mandates: The accessible bloom acute and alone rights. In R. A. Goodman (Ed.), Law in Accessible Bloom Practice (pp. 262-284). New York: Oxford University Press. Retrieved from http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/imz-managers/guides-pubs/downloads/vacc_mandates_chptr13.pdf

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