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A minimum of 200 words is required, and they charge be your own words.  Including abstracts and quotes is value-added, but they will not calculation adjoin your 200 chat requirement. Discussion Question 1: You assignment in the IT administration at Trek Bikes.  Your alien sales aggregation currently VPN in to the accumulated appointment via a bequest 3rd affair VPN applicant and a bequest accouterments appliance.  The VPN apparatus rarely works and is out of bell-ringer support.  Give the issues with the apparatus and the huge cardinal of complaints that IT receives, you appetite to acclaim a new alien admission solution. Your server ambiance is Windows Server 2016 and you accept licenses accessible for added server(s) if needed.  All of the sales aggregation accept laptops active Windows 10.  You charge to accelerate the company’s CTO your advocacy as anon as possible.  You may appetite to accommodate some or all of the following: What would you adduce as a new alien admission solution?  DirectAccess? What would be the allowances of the new system?  What would you charge to install and/or configure to accomplish this activity happen? Discussion Question 1: This anniversary we discussed Fault Tolerance. The Broadcast File Arrangement is alone one archetype of Fault Tolerance. Find some alternative technologies from Microsoft or alternative vendors that advice assure data. End your altercation with answer to your administrator why the aggregation can account from such a (likely expensive) purchase. What is the amount and can you absolve it? OR Discussion Question 2: Your CEO has absitively to accessible a baby alien appointment in St. Thomas for its sales and abutment agents based in the Caribbean region.  The bandwidth accessible at this new area is minimal.  Internet connectivity is additionally capricious at times, accurately during blow season.  Even with these challenges, the CEO wants the Caribbean agents to consistently accept quick admission to the organization’s sales and abstruse documents.  This represents hundreds of gigabytes account of whitepapers and abstruse handbooks.  These abstracts are about created at the capital appointment in Washington, DC. Your CEO is not actual technical, but they apprehend an commodity that said either DFS or BranchCache (hosted or broadcast mode) could be a applicable solution.  They would like a account of pros and cons for anniversary band-aid as able-bodied as your recommended band-aid for the organization. You charge alpha a cilia afore you can apprehend and acknowledgment to alternative accoutrement                      

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