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Due in 24 hours (Each 150-200 words (citation doesn't count), MLA format) Discussion 1 Overview The alteration of India from a Hindu to a Muslim accompaniment was not a seamless one and it did not action all at once. Regardless, Indians attending to the Gupta aeon as the aureate age of Hindu culture. In this altercation you will attending at this ancestry and appraise how acquaintance with the alfresco apple via the Silk Road and through aggression adapted Indian ability and identity. To be acknowledged here, you charge accept the capital credibility of the lecture, decidedly apropos India’s Development and the Exploration on the Silk Road. Instructions Write a 150-200 chat column as follows: Imagine you are an Indian in the Middle Ages. You may be any degree or gender. Identify yourself by caste, gender, and bounded location. Explain the account brought forth the Silk Road into India. These may be religious, political or cultural. Explain how these ideas, and the Muslim invasions alone impacted your character. Discussion 2 Overview This altercation is a added acceptable attending at Imperial China. To be acknowledged in this altercation you charge to accept the Address credibility apropos Acceptable China, and the Exploration of the Silk Road. Instructions Write a 150-200 chat column that discusses and compares at atomic two of the dynasties of Imperial China explored in this module. Use actual affirmation to abutment your position and accomplish abiding to blow on: The economy The political structure Religion Relationship of China beneath the absolutism with alternative states

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