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Asignment 1.   Stakeholder Advice in Bloom Information Systems Scenario Refer to the Vila Bloom scenarios that you accept been application  throughout this course. The advised admirers for this assay will be  one of the stakeholder groups presented in the media simulation. You accept been asked to complete a stakeholder assay as it  relates to allegorical stakeholders about the action of how you came to  your recommendations you ahead fabricated apropos the EHR or HIM arrangement  at Independence Medical Center. Another aspect of the assay is to  summarize the appulse of your recommendations on stakeholder groups and  develop strategies for advantageous barriers accompanying to implementing your  recommendations. Instructions For this assessment, you will assay the stakeholders that Vila  Health Independence Medical Center charge admit as it adjusts to  changes, upgrades, and accouterments your recommendations to the EHR or HIM  systems. You will appetite to accredit to the recommendations you fabricated in the  first appraisal as able-bodied as any acknowledgment that you accustomed from your  instructor.  For the deliverable, you will abode a 3–5-page controlling arbitrary  detailing your antecedent recommendations and your timeline for them.  Additionally, you will assay how your recommendations appulse  considerations such as ability allocation, training, and workflow  changes as able-bodied as best practices for advantageous accomplishing  barriers. Finally, you will complete the Stakeholder Matrix Template  linked in the Resources, adjustment analytical success factors with the  primary centralized and alien stakeholders. Include a amount account  for anniversary stakeholder. (A amount account meets the needs and ethics of  each key accommodation maker. See archetype in the Stakeholder Matrix  Template.) For this appraisal you will be evaluated on the afterward criteria: Describe the accordant stakeholders accompanying to an appulse analysis. Explain the action acclimated to access at recommendations accompanying to a HIM system. Describe a timeline for implementing recommendations accompanying to a HIM system. Analyze the appulse and amount of recommendations on accordant  stakeholders and an alignment with affiliation to considerations such as  patient outcomes, new training, ability allocation, and workflow  changes. Analyze best practices to affected barriers in creating buy-in from stakeholders and accomplishing accompanying to recommendations. Develop amount statements for accordant stakeholder groups accompanying  to analytical success factors and recommendations accompanying to a HIM system.        This archetype relates to the Stakeholder Matrix Template. Communicate assay of stakeholders and amount of recommendations in a abode that is bright and concise. Integrate accordant sources to abutment assertions, accurately formatting citations and references application accepted APA style. Additional Requirements Your assay should accommodated the afterward requirements: Written communication: Written advice is chargeless of errors that backbite from the all-embracing message. APA formatting: Assets and citations are formatted according to accepted APA appearance and formatting standards.  Number of resources: 3–5 peer-reviewed assets from bookish account articles. Length: 3–5 pages, double-spaced, excluding the  title folio and advertence page. You do not charge to abode an abstruse for  this assessment. Appendix: Include Stakeholder Matrix Template as an addendum to your analysis. Font and chantry size: Times New Roman, 12 point. Assignment 2.   Management and Agent Satisfaction Preparation Use the Capella University Library and able or bookish  resources on the Internet to analysis approach and strategies for  addressing low agent satisfaction. Scenario Pretend you are a animal ability administrator in a bloom affliction  organization and it has appear to your absorption from a array of sources  that assurance and agent achievement are on the abatement in one of your  company's authoritative units. Employees accept been alive 50% best  shifts for several months to abode an access in accommodating appeal and  you doubtable it is alpha to booty its toll. You are because the  issue and how to abode it. Deliverable Complete the afterward two genitalia of this appointment based aloft your  research and compassionate of methods of acclamation the book  described above. Part 1: Suggest and abutment three means you would  determine the attributes and admeasurement of the botheration and its source. What  indicators would you examine? Part 2: It has been bent that the dip in  employee achievement is absolutely due to continued hours, asperous scheduling  practices, and no bright end in sight. Complete the following: Recommend a plan to abode the affair (based aloft your declared  assumptions apropos the specific attributes of the problem) that includes:        Short-term approach to abode the astute aspects of the problem. Long-term action to assuredly abode the problem. Discuss the role of stakeholders in free the attributes of the affair and developing a plan for its resolution. Explain which amount animal ability action is the best analytical to the success of your plan. Additional Requirements APA formatting: Assets and citations are formatted according to APA appearance and formatting standards. Number of resources: Include a minimum of bristles resources. Page length: 5–7 pages. Font and chantry size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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