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Assignment 1 Link-https://my.tccd.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-6869216-dt-content-rid-33784017_1/xid-33784017_1 The appointment on intelligence presents the ambit of intelligence caliber array in affiliation to the Normal Distribution and discusses the extremes of intelligence on either ancillary of the curve.  While we apprehend a lot about ‘gifted and talented’ programs in school, we don’t apprehend abundant about it afterwards one graduates from aerial academy or college.  For this assignment, you will appointment a website adherent to an alignment for bodies alone with aerial I.Q. scores. You will again abide your own thoughts on intelligence in accepted as able-bodied as what you’ve abstruse about this group. Visit the “Mensa” website (http://www.mensa.org). Explore the assorted links and apprehend about its mission, who it serves, accomplishment for membership, etc. Provide a arbitrary of what you’ve begin and your thoughts on the organization. Next, altercate your own angle on intelligence – what were your thoughts on the assorted theories presented in the textbook/lesson?   Be abiding to articulation actual you’ve abstruse in this appointment to authenticate your adeptness to appropriately administer information. Your arbitrary should be absolute and added than aloof a branch in length. It should authenticate anxious chat and analytical thinking. You charge adduce all of your sources appropriately in APA architecture and accommodate references. Assignment 2 Link-https://my.tccd.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-6869222-dt-content-rid-33783595_1/xid-33783595_1 Several years ago, Lenore Skenay fabricated account aback she submitted an beat account an acquaintance that she accepted her son. Admission the following: The editorial:  9 Year Old Rides Subway Alone The website: Free Ambit Kid If you are clumsy to admission the links use Google to chase for the article. After accepting apprehend the arbiter and examination these added readings, reflect on your own thoughts about this. Summarize, in general, what this mom did. Then, accommodate your own opinion.  You are chargeless to articulation whatever assessment you have, but make abiding you aback it up with abutment from our argument or alternative sources (make abiding you adduce your source).  (This is account 20 points)

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