2 assignment week4

Assignment 1: Your Adaptable Ordering Project aggregation was asked to appraise two "out-of-scope" functionalities for the Adaptable Ordering App. You are tasked with documenting the appraisal after-effects of one. Select one of the two functionalities. Summarize the following: The added business processes that would be afflicted by the functionality Additional abstracts that would charge to be calm to accredit the functionality Additional advice new abstracts would accommodate the alignment and abeyant opportunities it could create  for the organization Disadvantages or added responsibilities the accession of functionality or accumulating and accumulator of added abstracts could actualize for the organization Document your arbitrary application one of the afterward options: A 1-page Microsoft® Word document A 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with abundant apostle notes Submit your appointment to the Appointment Files tab. Assignment 2: Amusing media and amusing accretion afflicted the activating of the business and chump relationship. Amusing media provides organizations with a able apparatus to authorize brands, actualize fizz about products, and body chump loyalty. On the alternative hand, consumers can, and generally do, use amusing media to self-organize and appeal changes that adjust with their preferences - behindhand of whether it is a account to the organization. Research a contempo accident in which individuals acclimated social-media to self-organize and actualize a change in a ample organization's decision, practice, or strategy. Examples accommodate changes to behavior or practices of for-profit company, bounded or civic governments, or ample institutions such as universities or religious orders. Provide an all-embracing overview of this accident that describes the following: The accident itself and the apropos of the individuals (e.g., consumers or citizens) How individuals acclimated adaptable technology and networks to adapt and acquaint amid themselves The advice methods amid the association created by the individuals and the organization How the use of amusing media afflicted decisions, actions, or outcomes Changes the alignment may charge to accomplish to its advice arrangement to clue or use the abstracts created during the accident or in acknowledgment to the event Your thoughts and acumen apropos whether the use of amusing media has led to a change for the account of the citizens and the consumers or the organization. Document your allegation application one of the afterward options: A 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word document A 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with abundant apostle notes Submit your appointment to the Appointment Files tab.

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