2.Annotated Outline Introduction

3. Objective The basal purpose of HRP is to adjudge what positions the organisation will accept to ample and how to ample them. Objectives of animal ability planning Anticipation cadre requirements Cope with changes Use absolute manpower productively Promote advisers in a analytical way Animal Ability Planning 4. Importance Organisations use HRP to accommodated approaching challenges, cut costs, and accomplish greater capability Importance of animal ability planning Create a aptitude basin Prepare bodies for approaching Cope with organisational changes Cut costs Help acceptance planning Animal Ability Planning 5. The Action Of HRP The HRP is a four footfall process: appeal forecasting, accumulation forecasting, ciphering manpower gaps and formulating HR plans. The appeal for animal assets is afflicted by several factors Forecasting the appeal for animal assets External challenges Economic developments Political, legal, social, abstruse changes Competition Organisational decisions Workforce factors Animal Ability Planning 6. The Action Of HRP External Challenges: Liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation (LPG era) accept created huge appeal for bodies in software, accounts marketing, and accomplishment fields. Organisational Decisions: Decisions such as expansion, diversification, and alteration arch to appeal for bodies possessing requisite abilities Workforce Factors: Such as retirement, resignation, and abortion etc creating manpower gaps. Animal Ability Planning 7. Forecasting Techniques HR forecasts are an attack to acquisition out an organisation's approaching appeal for advisers Forecasting techniques Expert forecasts Trend assay Workforce assay Workload assay Animal Ability Planning 8. Forecasting techniques Expert Forecasts: These are based on the judgements of those who acquire acceptable ability of approaching animal ability needs Trend Analysis: This is based on the acceptance that the approaching is an extrapolation from the past. Animal ability needs, as such, can be estimated by analytical pas trends. An archetype of trend assay 2001-02 Production of Units : 5,000 2002-03 No. of Workers : 100 Ratio : 100:5000 2003-04 Estimated Production : 8,000 No. of Workers appropriate : 8000 ? 100 = 160 5000 If admiral accept a p of 20 workers, 8 admiral are additionally bare in 2003-04. Human Ability Planning 9. Forecasting techniques Workforce Analysis: All accordant factors in planning manpower flows in a close such as transfers, promotions, new recruitments, retirement, resignation, adjournment etc are taken into anniversary while ciphering HR needs Manpower flows in a coffer Promotions out Transfers In ; ; Job Hopping ; Transfers Out ; Retirement ; VRS Scheme (Golden handshake) Recruits In ; ; Discharge or Adjournment ; Terminations ; Resignations Promotions In ; ; Retrenchment ; Attractions in Alternative Banks, etc. Human Ability Planning 10. Forecasting techniques Workload analysis: Based on the planned output, a close tires to account the cardinal of bodies appropriate for assorted jobs. An archetype of workload assay Planned achievement for the year 10,000 pieces Standard hours per allotment 3 hours Planned hours appropriate 30,000 hours Productive hours per actuality per year 1,000 hours (estimated on anniversary basis) (allowing for absenteeism, turnover, abandoned time etc. ) No. of workers appropriate 30 If p of ascendancy in the assemblage is 10 per officer, again 3 admiral are additionally required. Animal Ability Planning 11. Supply Forecasting A) Centralized labour supply: a manpower account in agreement of the admeasurement and affection of cadre accessible (their age, sex, education, training, experience, job performance, etc) is usually able by HR departments. Several techniques are acclimated while ascertaining the centralized accumulation of manpower (a accumulation of advisers to ample projected vacancies can appear from aural the close or from new hires ) Animal Ability Planning 12. Estimated centralized labour accumulation for a accustomed close Sources of Inflows The Close Projected Outflows ? Promotions ? Transfers ? Quits Accepted Staffing ? Promotions Akin ? Terminations Advisers In Advisers Out ? New Recruits ? Retirements ? Recalls ? Deaths ? Layoffs Accepted Projected Projected Firm’s centralized staffing – outflows + inflows = accumulation for this akin this year this year time abutting year Animal Ability Planning 13. Accumulation Forecasting Staffing table: Shows the cardinal of advisers in anniversary job, how they are utilised and the approaching application needs for anniversary blazon of job. Marcov analysis: Uses actual advice from cadre movements of the centralized labour accumulation to adumbrate what will appear in the approaching Animal Ability Planning 14. Marcov assay for a academic retail aggregation 2003-2004 Store Asst. Store Section Dept. Sales Exit Managers Managers Active Heds Executives Store Managers 80% 20% (n = 15) 12 3 Asst. Store 11% 83% 6% Managers 4 30 2 (n = 36) Section 15% 11% 66% 8% Active (n = 94) 11 63 8 14 Departmental 10% 72% 2% 16% Active (n = 288) 29 207 6 46 Sales Executives 6% 74% 20% (n = 1440) 86 1066 288 Forecasted Accumulation 16 41 92 301 1072 353 Figures in circles appearance the alteration percentages Animal Ability Planning 15. Accumulation Forecasting Abilities inventory: It is a arbitrary of the abilities and abilities of non authoritative advisers acclimated in forecasting supply. Human Ability Planning 16. Abilities inventory: an archetype Name : A. K. Sen Date printed : 1-4-2004 Cardinal : 429 Administration : 41 Key words Assignment acquaintance Word Description Activity From To Accounting Tax Supervision 1998 2000 T agent ax ABC Aggregation and assay Book Keeping Ledger Supervision 2000 2002 Accountant XYZ Co. Auditing Computer Assay 2002 2003 Chief Accounts TT Coffer annal Administrator Apprenticeship Special Abilities M em be rsh ips Amount Above Year Course Date 1. AIMA MBA Accounts 1998 DBF 1996 2. ISTD B. Com Accounts 1995 Risk Administering 1999 3. ICA Computer Languages Position Location Hobbies Literacy alternative best ? Tally French Accounting Kolkata Chess ? Banking Auditing Delhi Football Software Bangalore Boating Advisers Signature __________ HR Department________ Date _______________________ Date ________________ Animal Ability Planning 17. Accumulation Forecasting Backup chart: It is a beheld representation of who will alter whom in the accident of a job opening. Animal Ability Planning 18. Backup blueprint Accepted Administrator Key V. K. Garg Names accustomed are backup A/2 candidates P A to A. Promotable now Accepted Administrator B. Needing development L. Mathews C. Not acceptable to position B/1 1. Superior achievement 2. Above Average achievement Assistant Accepted Administrator 3. Acceptable achievement R. K. Arora A/2 4. Poor achievement B. K. Nehru B/3 Division: Division: Division: Accounting & Planning Administrator Technical Advisor HR Administrator Taxation Administrator A. N. Gupta A/1 N. R. Murthy B/3 C. P Thakur . A/1 A. T Roy . C/2 K. P Rao . B/1 Northern Region Central Region Southern Region Administrator Eastern Region Administrator Manager A. Subramanyam B/2 Administrator L. C. Srivatsav A/2 S. P Kumar A/1 . B. K. Menon B/1 R. Krishna B/3 A. Thapar C/4 R. Pandey B/3 Animal Ability Planning 19. Accumulation Forecasting B) External Labour supply: External hires charge to be contacted back acceptable centralized replacements are not available. A growing cardinal of firms are now application computerised animal ability advice systems to clue the abilities of hundreds or bags of employees. HRIS can accommodate managers with a advertisement of candidates with appropriate abilities afterwards scanning the abstracts base. Animal Ability Planning 20. Important barometers of labour accumulation 1. Net clearing into and out of the breadth 2. Apprenticeship levels of workforce 3. Demographic changes in citizenry 4. Abstruse developments and accouterment 5. Citizenry Mobility 6. Appeal for specific abilities 7. National, bounded unemployment ante 8. Accomplishments of aggressive administering 9. Government policies, regulations, pressures 10. Economic Forecasts for the abutting few years 11. The affability of an breadth 12. The affability of an industry in a accurate abode Animal Ability Planning 21. Manpower Gap Assay This is acclimated to accommodate the forecasts of labour appeal and supply. This action identifies abeyant accomplishment shortages or surpluses of employees, abilities and jobs Ciphering manpower requirements Year 1 2 3 1. Cardinal appropriate at the alpha of the year 2. Changes to requirements anticipation during the year DEMAND 3. Total requirements at the end of the year (1+2) ------- ------ 4. Cardinal accessible at the alpha of the year 5. Additions (transfers, promotions) SUPPLY 6. Separations (retirement, wastage, promotions out and alternative losses) 7. Total accessible at the end of year (4+5+6) -------------------- 8. Deficit or surplus (3-7) RECONCILIA TION 9. Losses of those recruited during the year OF THE ABOVE 10. Additional numbers bare during the year (8+9) MANPOWER NEEDED Animal Ability Planning 22. Formulating HR Affairs Once accumulation and appeal for labour is accepted adjustments can be fabricated formulating requisite HR affairs A array of HR affairs ? Recruitment plan ? Redeployment plan ? Redundancy plan ? Training plan ? Productivity plan ? Retention plan Animal Ability Planning 23. Albatross For Animal Ability Planning HRP is a top administering job. HR affairs are usually fabricated by the HR assay in appointment with alternative accumulated heads. Any deviations from the formulated affairs and their causes charge be looked into, from time to time in adjustment to appraise whether the affairs crave afterlight or modification. Animal Ability Planning 24. Limitations Of Animal Ability Planning HR professionals are basically confronted with three problems while advancing and administering HR plans: accuracy, bare top administering support, askew focus on quantitative aspects. Animal Ability Planning 25. Effective Animal Ability Planning HR affairs charge fit in with all-embracing objectives of a firm. They charge get constant abutment from top management. Computerised animal ability advice systems charge be acclimated for appellant tracking, acceptance planning, architecture abilities inventories etc. The accomplished exercise charge be agitated out in allocation with operating managers. Animal Ability Planning 26. 4-1 JOB ANALYSIS 27. INTRODUCTION Job assay is the action of acquisition advice about a job. It is, to be added specific, a analytical assay of the tasks, duties and responsibilities all-important to do a job. Job Assay 28. Attributes of job assay Job Tasks Job Assay Job Duties Job Responsibilities Job Assay 29. -4 Partial job assay assay The advice about a job is usually calm through a structured questionnaire: JOB ANALYSIS INFORMATION FORMAT Your Job Title_______________ Code__________Date_____________ Class Title_______________ Department_____________________ Your Name_________________ Facility___________________________ Superior’s Title______________ Able by_______________________ Superior’s Name____________ Hours Worked______AM______to AM____ PM PM 1. What is the accepted purpose of your job? 2. What was your aftermost job? If it was in addition organisation, amuse name it. 3. To what job would you commonly apprehend to be promoted? Cont… Job Assay 30. Partial job assay assay 4. If you consistently administrate others, account them by name and job title. 5. If you administrate others, amuse assay those activities that are allotment of your authoritative duties: ? Hiring ? Coaching ? Promoting ? Orienting ? Counselling ? Compensating ? Training ? Budgeting ? Disciplining ? Scheduling ? Directing ? Terminating ? Developing ? Measuring Performances ? Other____________ 6. How would you call the acknowledged achievement and after-effects of your work? 7. Job Duties – Amuse briefly call WHAT you do and, if possible, How you do it. Announce those duties you accede to be best important and/or best difficult: Cont… Job Assay 31. Partial job assay assay (a) Circadian Duties (b) Alternate Duties (Please announce whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. ) (c) Duties Performed at Irregular Intervals 8. Apprenticeship – Amuse assay the bare that indicates the educational requirements for the job, not your own educational background. No academic apprenticeship appropriate ? College amount ? Less than aerial academy authority ? Apprenticeship above alum ? Aerial academy authority or agnate amount and/or able license. ? College affidavit or agnate Account avant-garde degrees or defined able authorization or affidavit required. Amuse announce the apprenticeship you had back you were placed on this job. Job Assay 32. Allowances of Job assay Job assay advice is advantageous for a array of organisation purposes alignment from animal ability planning to career counselling Job Assay 33. Important allowances of Job Assay Multifaceted Attributes of Job Assay Recruitment Animal Ability Planning Selection Job Evaluation Placement Job Architecture and Training Redesign Achievement Counselling Appraisement Agent Safety Job Assay 34. Who should conduct job analysis? ? Job incumbents themselves ? Admiral ? External analysts Job Assay 35. The action of Job assay The above accomplish complex in job assay are: ? Organisational assay ? Selection of adumbrative positions to be analysed ? Collection of job assay abstracts ? Preparation of job description ? Preparation of job blueprint Job Assay 36. The Competency Access to Job Assay This access encourages advisers to advance role based competencies (knowledge, abilities and abilities bare to comedy assorted roles ) that may be acclimated in assorted assignment situations, instead of actuality boxed into a job. Job Assay 37. Methods Of Collecting Job Assay Abstracts Seven accepted techniques are about acclimated to aggregate job assay data; ? Job performance: the analyst absolutely performs the job in catechism and collects the bare advice ? Personal observation: the analyst observes others accomplishing the job and writes a arbitrary ? Critical incidents: job incumbents call several incidents apropos to work, based on accomplished experience; the analyst collects, analyses and classifies data. ? Interview: job incumbents and admiral are interviewed to get the best capital advice about a job Job Assay 38. Methods Of Collecting Job Assay Abstracts ? Panel of experts: accomplished bodies such as job incumbents and admiral with acceptable ability of the job asked to accommodate the information. ? Diary method: job incumbents asked to advance affidavit or logs of their circadian job activities and almanac the time spent and attributes of assignment agitated out. Assay method: job incumbents approached through a appropriately advised assay and asked to accommodate details. ? The Position Assay Questionnaire: it is a standardised anatomy acclimated to aggregate specific advice about job tasks and artisan traits. Job Assay 39. Methods Of Collecting Job Assay Abstracts ? Administering Position Description Questionnaire: it is a standardised anatomy advised to analyse authoritative jobs Administering Position Description Factors 1. Product, business and banking action planning. 2. Allocation of alternative organisational units and personnel. . Centralized business control. 4. Articles and casework responsibility. 5. Public and chump relations. 6. Avant-garde consulting. 7. Autonomy of actions. 8. Approval of banking commitments. 9. Staff service. 10. Supervision. 11. Complexity and stress. 12. Avant-garde banking responsibility. 13. Broad cadre responsibility. Job Assay 40. Methods Of Collecting Job Assay Abstracts ? Functional job analysis: it is a analytical action of award what is done on a job by analytical and analysing the axiological apparatus of data, bodies and things. Job Assay 41. Behavioural Factors Impacting Job Assay The afterward behavioural factors charge be taken affliction of while accustomed out a job analysis: ? Exaggerate the facts ? Agent anxieties ? Resistance to change ? Overemphasis on accepted efforts ? Administering beeline anorak Job Assay 42. Job Description And Job Blueprint The end articles of job assay are: Job description: this is a accounting account of what the job holder does, how it is done, beneath what altitude it is done and why it is done. Job Assay 43. Specimen of Job Description Appellation Advantage administrator Code HR/2310 Administration Animal Ability Administration Arbitrary Responsible for the architecture and administering of agent advantage programmes. Duties ? Conduct job analysis. ? Prepare job descriptions for accepted and projected positions. ? Evaluate job descriptions and act as Chairman of Job Evaluation Committee. ? Insure that company’s advantage ante are in tune with the company’s philosophy. Cont… Job Assay 44. Specimen of Job Description ? Relate bacon to the achievement of anniversary employee. Conduct alternate bacon surveys. Advance and administrate achievement appraisement programme. ? Advance and baby-sit account and alternative agent account plans. ? Advance an chip HR advice system. Working altitude Normal. Eight hours per day. Five canicule a week. Report to Director, Animal Ability Department. Job specification: it offers a contour of animal characteristics (knowledge, abilities and abilities) bare by a actuality accomplishing a job. Job Assay 45. Specimen of job blueprint Apprenticeship ? MBA with specialisation in HRM/MA in amusing work/PG Authority in HRM/MA in automated psychology. ? A amount or authority in Labour Laws is desirable. Experience ? At atomic 3 years’ acquaintance in a agnate position in a ample accomplishment company. Skill, Knowledge, Abilities ? Ability of advantage practices in aggressive industries, of job assay procedures, of advantage assay techniques, of achievement appraisement systems. ? Accomplishment in autograph job descriptions, in administering job assay interviews, in authoritative accumulation presentations, in assuming statistical computations ? Ability to conduct meetings, to plan and prioritise work. Assignment Orientation Factors ? The position may crave upto 15 per cent travel. Age ? Preferably beneath 30 years. Job Assay 46. Role Assay To accept a bright account about what a actuality absolutely does on a job, the job assay advice charge be supplemented with role analysis. Role assay involves the afterward steps: ? Identifying the objectives of the administration and the functions to be agitated out therein ? Role bounden asked to accompaniment his key achievement areas and his compassionate of the roles to be played by him ? Alternative role ally of the job such as boss, subordinate, aeon are asked to accompaniment their expectations from the role bounden ? The incumbent's role is antiseptic and bidding in autograph afterwards amalgam the assorted viewpoints bidding by assorted role partners. Job Assay + dasaritapaswi, 3 months ago Embed . after accompanying agreeable for WordPress. com 1055 angle added its use abounding to acceptance of administering Accompanying Presentations An Assay Of Fm Radio Advertising Ante In The Arab World TOC . Animal Ability Planning – Concept And Need. 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