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  Grading Rubric for Cases  Your brand is a aggregate of the afterward elements: 1. Appropriate breadth of answer. One branch per catechism answered. Individual catechism minimum of 3 well-structured sentences in 12 point font. 2. Identification of actual animal ability or administration topic. 3. Full affection answers which accommodate analysis to actuate how to administer standards, regulations, or laws accoutrement animal resources. These cases crave you to analysis accepted federal application law, regulations, and issues in adjustment to acknowledgment them correctly.  Review "Website resources" tab. Additionally you can google topics, laws, cases, etc. 4. Actual characters of sources listed at the basal of anniversary answered case. You should account the arbiter and any websites or alternative assets you used; adduce absolute quotes from sources in departure and put (author's aftermost name, folio #). Case #105, folio 293 "Fred Bailey: An Innocent Abroad".  Each case requires you to acknowledgment the questions listed and to accommodate abundant answers with website resources, if used, listed at the basal of anniversary assignment. These are departer assignments and you can google "expartriate preparation" to advice you acquisition advice that will abutment your answers to these questions. You can additionally google "Japanese business culture" to advice you accept their business ability as it compares to the United States business ability to see what may accept gone amiss and how to fix it. You will charge to acknowledgment all 5 questions on folio 296. Your acknowledgment should be at atomic 2-3 pages with references listed at the end of the certificate on folio 4 and in MLA 7th copy format

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