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respond in 150 words to  below   To abate the accident of ability outages, I accept companies accept a few options. The aboriginal advantage could be to analyze the assets produced from the company's assorted accomplishment plants. Based on the activity-based-costing approach, the plants with the accomplished net income, in affiliation to activity, apparently may be application 'the best out of' the basement of that building. This can beggarly that the area is the best valuable, but it additionally is crumbling at a faster rate. Because of aging infrastructure, ability outages are a greater risk. The aggregation should adjudge if the amount of advance in a new facility, and the afterward projected revenues, is account mitigating the accident the aggregation would acquire if its best admired accessories were to lose ability on a approved basis. If the aggregation decides that the costs of building a new ability are not account the investment, again they could adjudge on accepted ability improvements. Improvements may not annihilate all power-loss occurrences, but it may be beneath of a net-loss to the aggregation than advance in a new facility. A new ability could potentially access anchored costs, such as accomplishment overhead, to a akin that would aftereffect in a net operating loss.

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