1st Surrealist Manifesto & THE BIG LEBOSWKI

A few weeks aback we apprehend André Breton's "First Surrealist Manifesto" (1924). In it Breton lays bottomward the blueprints for the movement, establishing some "rules" and accumulation elements of absorption and poetry. More than any document, this one clarifies the spirit, style, and accent of surrealism. Unlike Buñuel's films, for instance, a cine such as The Big Lebowski acceptable does not carefully allegorize account from Breton's manifesto. But that doesn't beggarly this acclamation (or Surrealism, for that matter) is asleep and continued forgotten; or that we can't accomplish access amid these two texts, application either to advice us anticipate about the other. In this abbreviate piece, aces one atom or abstraction or "rule" from the manifesto, and altercate how it applies to The Big Lebowski. How does the movie, in alternative words, breathing article from this archetypal certificate that helps you to accept Surrealism? No charge to address up a acceptable addition and conclusion. I advance diving appropriate in by introducing and allegorical the abstraction from the acclamation you appetite to focus on (quoting a access is fine). Then altercate how you feel the cine applies or makes use of this abstraction or rule, and how either or both texts (manifesto and movie) are aflame in the process. 2 pages

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