1D1-09 – Create a 3 slide PowerPoint based upon the Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement see details

1D1 - Assemblage 1 Altercation 1 For this discussion, accredit to your readings of Chapter 1 and 2 in Affairs Appraisal and Performance Measurement. Pay abutting absorption to questions 1 and 2 on pages 80 and 81. To auspiciously complete this discussion, you will charge to actualize and column a PowerPoint that has three slides: • On accelerate 1, present your adaptation of a argumentation archetypal for the Meals on Wheels program. • On accelerate 2, altercate how you could potentially admeasurement the constructs and outcomes. • On accelerate 3, briefly call how you apperceive you accept a acceptable argumentation model. [u01s1] Assemblage 1 Study 1 • Affairs Appraisal Process - apprehend transcript • Affairs Appraisal Guide - apprehend transcript Readings Use your Affairs Appraisal and Performance Altitude argument to complete the following: • Apprehend Chapter 1 • Apprehend Chapter 2 INTRODUCTION This assemblage introduces you to the basal attempt of affairs evaluation. You will apprehend from your Affairs Appraisal and Performance Altitude argument and alpha applying this ability to a real-world archetype application a argumentation archetypal framework. OBJECTIVES To auspiciously complete this acquirements unit, you will be accepted to: 1. Understand the basal attempt of affairs evaluation. 2. Develop and assay a affection argumentation model. 3. Understand the altitude of constructs and outcomes. 4. Communicate through autograph that is concise, balanced, and logically organized

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