THIS ASSIGNMENT IS A VIRTUAL VISIT.  CLASS IS HOMELAND SECURITY THREAT STRATEGY.   17 NOVEMBER GROUP IS TALKED ABOUT IN THE BOOK "THE RELUCTANT SPY" BY JOHN KIRIAKOU.  17 NOVEMBER GROUP INFO CAN ALSO BE FOUND ON GOOGLE SCHOLAR.  ***ASSIGNMENT NEEDED BY 4PM 6/7/18   A basic appointment is a advantageous apparatus to analyze and analysis application the Internet. When you are assigned a basic visit, you are graded on how you can acquisition a advantageous contemporary commodity and accumulate a clear, admitting afflictive assessment of that commodity so that it may be discussed in the class’ accessible forum. Instructions for a Basic Visit: Follow exactly First, application the Internet acquisition an bookish commodity about to the assigned (usually broad) accountable matter. 17 November Group (In the book) Acquisition a bookish commodity apropos some aspect as mentioned in the book and lecture Then anxiously apprehend the article Then put the commodity abroad and address a arbitrary of the article, bethink to accord capacity that you may use in a accepted discussion. Last address a arbitrary or acknowledgment the assigned questions, INCLUDING YOUR OPINION of what you abstruse from the commodity and if you acquisition the commodity relevant. What you are graded on: 2 pages/ 100 points Write at atomic a one-paragraph arbitrary of the article.  More if needed. Last address a one folio abounding assessment or acknowledgment to the questions from the commodity highlighting the able credibility and the weaknesses in you assessment of the article. Last, Basic appointment charge be TWO (or three) abounding Folio of Word (.doc or docx), 12 point size, and acceptable font.  The account charge ample the absolute folio and may alone go above the constant by a band or two. The abstraction is to be abrupt and to the poi

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