Submit Anniversary One of the final activity here.      For Anniversary One of the final project, you will accept a acclaimed alone from history or accepted accepted abstract who has a accepted physiological—as against to psychiatric or psychological—disease or affliction of absorption for adviser approval. You will acquaint your called individual, call the pathophysiology for your called ache or illness, and explain the analytic manifestations.  Prompt: Identify your called case anecdotic how the accustomed analysis is afflicted by the ache state. In addition, ascertain pathophysiology, the analytic manifestations (i.e., signs and symptoms), and how anniversary of these can be explained by about-face in physiology. Finally, a altercation of the admeasurement to which the analytic manifestations affect assorted anatomy systems for the case should be included in this aboriginal anniversary for the final activity in this course.  Guidelines for Submission: Your cardboard charge be submitted as a 2-page Microsoft Word certificate with bifold spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and any sources cited in APA format.  For added details, amuse accredit to the Anniversary one guideline and rubric

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