1500 Words- Business Paper- APA

Your appointment is to address a comprehensive essay that involves acrimonious one of 4 ample categories listed beneath and answer in detail how the industry will advance over the abutting 30 years and how 1) people/society will change as able-bodied as 2) the businesses who accept to acknowledge to those changes. For this appointment you will accept to accomplish some accomplished guesses that may be backed up by some online research. 

Pick One Category:

  • Food 
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment 
  • Wellness (Mental and Physical)

As an example, I did a breakdown of the blazon of questions you would appetite to ask yourself if you were to aces the Food Industry and accurately focus on Restaurants. Aforementioned agreeable I went over in our in-class lecture. 

Part 1: The Aliment – Accumulation FunctionAre we still bistro the aforementioned aliment we eat today? What foods are we most/least acceptable to eat? What blazon of currently abhorred foods will be popular?What blazon of currently accepted foods will be unpopular?What foods will become added difficult to produce/supply? Will the amount for aliment access or decrease? Will the aliment be convalescent or unhealthier than today? Will aliment be added or beneath broadly distributed? Will the aliment itself be bigger or smaller. 
Part 2: The People – Demand FunctionHow will our aliment burning habits change?What would accomplish association eat beneath meat and become vegetarian and/or vegan?  Will people’s admiration for ability account them to abolish “traditional sit-down” restaurants? Are diseases (the access or abatement of it) causing us to change our burning patterns?How is bread-and-butter cachet (lower class, average class, high class) activity to affect their aliment burning options/habits. 
Part 3: The Restaurants – Balancing Act How do restaurants charge to acknowledge to changes in the aliment supply? How do restaurants charge to acknowledge to changes in chump preferences and behavior? How is technology activity to affect their operations? How will restaurants antithesis the burden for ability with the charge of accouterment affection chump service. How will the changes be altered for fast food, fast casual, ancestors or accomplished dining restaurants?  

Tips to do able-bodied on this assignment: 

  • Back It Up: Whatever your account and theories are accomplish abiding to explain your cerebration abaft it. Ideally you can aback it up with research, data, facts that abutment your idea.  
  • Don’t Procrastinate: The eventually you alpha to actively anticipate about this appointment the added account you will about generate. 
  • Get Inspired: Watch some Sci-Fi movies, TV shows or go on YouTube to acquisition some videos about “Future Tech” or “The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI).” 
  • Leverage People: Get others involved. Take your smartest acquaintance out to coffee. Chat about this with your acquaintance (not to accuse but to get their ideas).
  • Format: I am not attractive for a specific architecture for this essay. Structure it whatever makes the best sense. 

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