1500-2000 word research paper on Who wanted to abolish slavery

  The amount appointment of this advance is a accurate analysis cardboard (1500-2000 words in length, approx. 6-8 pages double-spaced, 12-point font). The cardboard should abutment a apriorism account with advice acquired from analysis or investigation. The cardboard will not be aloof a address presenting advice but will be a cardboard that anxiously examines and presents your own actual estimation of the affair you accept called and your estimation of the advice you accept gathered. The cardboard may accommodate application of problems and solutions, analogue of key terms, or may abnegate arguments adjoin your apriorism statement. It will be important to accept a affair of absorption to you. Approach this appointment with an accessible and agnostic mind, again anatomy an assessment based on what you accept discovered. You charge append behavior while you are investigating and let the discoveries appearance your opinion. (This is a thesis-finding approach.) Once you accept activate your thesis, address the cardboard to abutment it. You will use some of the afterward analytical cerebration abilities in this process: Choosing an adapted topic, attached the topic. Gathering information, summarizing sources. Analyzing and evaluating sources. Defining key terms. Synthesizing information, comparing and allegory sources. Testing a thesis, authoritative a actual argument, application refutation. Amassing abutment for a position. Documenting sources. Because this may be a best cardboard than you accept accounting afore and a circuitous action is involved, it is recommended that you complete this cardboard application the afterward steps: Choose a affair accompanying to capacity covered in The American Yawp, (Chapters 1-15) that you would absolutely like to analyze and that you are accommodating to absorb some time on. Your called affair should be focused. Pose a catechism that you absolutely appetite to answer. You may appetite to activate with added than one affair in mind. Do some basic account on the topic(s). You may activate with the textbook, again added analyze the advice available. Refine your topic. Summarize your topic, your absorption in the topic, the questions you appetite to answer, and a antecedent you appetite to test. Gather advice from a array of sources. Use a minimum of four sources for your paper, and at atomic one charge be a primary source. Primary sources are abreast to the times beneath investigation. An archetype of a accessory antecedent is our textbook, admitting the arbiter additionally contains excerpts of primary sources, which you may use as a antecedent in your paper. Outline the after-effects of your analysis and the plan for your cardboard (you are not adapted to abide the outline). Write the final abstract and be abiding to accommodate a Works Cited List, and use the actual MLA affidavit style. Grade Rubric INTRODUCTION & THESIS: Includes a bright apriorism statement, an affirmation or position. Affair is aboriginal and acquiescent in a abbreviate analysis paper. /15 FOCUS AND DEVELOPMENT: Body of the article focuses on this apriorism and develops it fully, acquainted the complication of issues and agitation arguments in action to the thesis. /20 SUPPORT AND SYNTHESIS: Uses acceptable and accordant affirmation to abutment the apriorism (and primary points), including facts, inferences, and judgments. Quotes, summarizes, and paraphrases accurately and effectively--appropriately introducing and answer anniversary quote. /25 RESOURCES: Shows a bright compassionate of the sources; has evaluated anniversary antecedent and acclimated it appropriately. Uses a advanced array of sources absorption cogent research. /10 CONVENTIONS: Uses MLA architecture correctly; includes centralized citations and a Works Cited list; is chargeless of errors. /15 CORRECTNESS AND STYLE: Introduces the affair in an absorbing way; shows analytical cerebration and abyss of understanding; uses adapted tone; shows composure in accent acceptance and book structure. /15 TOTAL: /100

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