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Components of a advantageous association are categorical in the arbiter as accepting “low abomination rates, acceptable schools, able ancestors life, able-bodied economy, acceptable jobs, aerial ecology affection (clean air, water), attainable and affection bloom services, able housing, borough involvement, nice weather, acceptable busline (roads, accessible transportation), advanced array of leisure activities, acknowledgment to the arts, [and] reasonable taxes” (Maurer & Smith, 2013). Is the acme of all these variables what defines a advantageous community? I don’t anticipate there is anytime a absolute aggregate of these things in best communities. However, I do anticipate that communities that try to accomplish these things can be declared as advantageous or at atomic appetite for health.  For example, a burghal (a accepted breadth that can ascertain community) may not accept the best anchorage or schools or abomination rates, but if association associates are alive appear convalescent these things, they could be at atomic declared as alive appear the advance of the bloom of their community. I accept “health” in a community, as with an individual, is a spectrum and about to the ambience in which it exists. We as healthcare providers aim to ability out to our communities and accomplished them in adjustment to advise them to actualize changes in themselves and their surrounding areas. “Health advance is the action of enabling bodies to advance their health, and stretches above alone behavior to beset areas such as amusing and ecology interventions… association beat is a catalysis that can accompany these fields together” (Mucedola, 2015). Educating our youngest association associates about benign lifestyles and acquirements advantageous habits aboriginal on is one of the best forms of blockage of abiding diseases. "School and association based bloom apprenticeship abide to be admired assets to annoyance the arch causes of anguish and bloodshed in the United States" (Mucedola, 2015). This is why accessible bloom apprenticeship and nursing has such an important abode in the healthcare system.    Maurer, F. A., & Smith, C. M. (2013). Chapter 15: Association assessment. In Association / accessible bloom nursing practice: Bloom for families and populations (5th ed.). Retrieved October 2, 2017. Mucedola, M. S. (2015). Connecting Bloom Apprenticeship and Bloom Advance through Association Beat to Bridge PreK-12 School Bloom Programs and Corresponding Communities. Virginia Journal, 36(2), 4-7.

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