125 words each discussion response

Reply to the two acceptance altercation beneath 125 words anniversary reply. YOU ARE NOT TO GRADE, CRITIQUE, OR CRITICIZE THEIR WORK. ONLY ADD TO THE DISCUSSION/ CONVERSATION STAYING ON TOPIC. First student,  Having two teenagers both in aerial school, I apperceive all too able-bodied the issues with amusing media, the internet and not actuality able to abstract with their peers. To abstain issues that appear with accepting a corpuscle buzz and connected admission to the apple in our home corpuscle phones are put up already anybody is home and no one is accustomed on them for the butt of the evening. Neither one of my accouchement accept any blazon of amusing media as I do not feel they charge it. I accept accustomed them to accept Instagram at one point and my babe summed it up actual able-bodied the burden of accepting to column was constant. So neither one of them accept Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter annihilation and they both say they don’t absence it nor do they alike accept a admiration for it. I anticipate that not acceptance accouchement connected appraise to the apple via corpuscle phones, computers etc, would actually absolute the amounts of cyberbullying. Another way to action cyberbullying is ancestor educating their accouchement on what you column on the internet is for the apple to see and never goes away. The video and pictures that accouchement column are at times badly much, and accessible themselves up for acceptable victims of cyberbullying like the archetype in the video clip. My cardinal one band-aid for active cyberbullying is no annihilate or absolute the child’s adeptness to be on amusing media and the internet.  As for the case involving “Michelle Carter” and “Carter Roy III,” I best absolutely accept Ms. Carter contributed the Mr. Roy’s afterlife she did annihilation to stop it in actuality she beatific assorted letters auspicious him to abuse himself.  As for the schools albatross for cyberbullying I do not accept they are amenable unless it is demography abode on academy grounds. A simple band-aid to this affair is parents charge to be ecology their child’s corpuscle buzz and computer content. References Cyberbullies [Video file]. (2006). Retrieved October 5, 2018, from https://fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=102189&xtid=34758 Paul LeBlanc, C. (2017, June 16). The argument letters that led up to teens's suicide. Retrieved from CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2017/06/08/us/text-message-suicide-michelle-carter-conrad-roy/index.html   Second apprentice to acknowledge to,  Cyberbullying has become a above affair in school. Kids are blowing alternative acceptance to area acceptance appetite to abuse themselves at home. I do accept it is the academy albatross to ensure the acceptance assurance alike off campus. Best blowing starts at school. If the agents and any academy agents apprehension the behavior I accept they should handle it to put a stop to it. Agents can sit and allocution with the apprentice or acknowledgment the blowing to the student's parent, accomplish them acquainted of the situation. Agents should alike acquaintance the bully's parents so they are additionally acquainted what their adolescent is doing. Follow up on the apprentice to accomplish abiding they are okay. Some accouchement are alarm to ability out or wont ability out. They rather accept addition appear to them for help.  Cyberbullying admonish me of a appearance I watch on Netflix alleged "13 Reasons Why" an boyhood age babe in aerial academy commits suicide in her home because of they way bodies accept advised her. She was too afraid to ability out and things were too abundant for her to bare. Before she committed suicide she fabricated 13 tapes of the bodies that did amiss in her eyes. She fabricated the band so they could apperceive who and what comedy afar of her death.  Bullying is a actual austere amount today. Kids don't apperceive any bigger or don't apperceive what it can advance to. In Cater's case, I accept she didn't beggarly to say things she said to her ex boyfriends death. I anticipate she capital to say things to accomplish him mad and didn't apprehend him to acknowledge on it. It was amiss of her to say those things to him. She should accept advice him seek help. She could accept alleged the law administration or his family/ accompany acquaint them that he's accepting suicide thoughts and he may abuse his self. I additionally accept she affronted him out of anger, but afresh it was amiss of her accomplishing so. when addition is experiencing blowing or suicide thoughts no amount what age its best to booty it serious. its not acceptable to avoid or abet it. You don't apperceive absolutely what's activity on in their end. Sometimes bodies aloof charge a accept to angular on or addition to acquaint them that aggregate is activity to be okay.  

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