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  Instructions Using the actual generated in Activity 4 of this assemblage and the afterward account of accessible topics, abstract a acknowledgment to the arguments presented in the assigned readings in an commodity of about 1200 words. Using the analysis methods you advised in Assemblage 3, find, incorporate, and certificate at atomic two additional, academic-quality sources in your final essay, for a minimum of four sources.  Your commodity should be able-bodied organized, with acceptable branch anatomy and transition; a strong, ethical, actuating approach; an adapted accession and conclusion; and lively, precise, and grammatically actual sentences. Use a array of articulate techniques, as appropriate, and use MLA-style affidavit to adduce any actual that you quote, paraphrase, or summarize. Revise, edit, and adapt as necessary. Note The critiques accounting in Activity 4, as able-bodied as the aboriginal abstract of the appointment must be submitted with the assignment. Although the critiques will not be accustomed a abstracted mark, they are worth 10% of the brand for the assignment. Topics: Argue one ancillary or the alternative of one of the afterward statements, cartoon on the actual from the readings listed beneath and from the critiques you completed in Activity 4 as able-bodied as from your own research. Remember that your apriorism charge be your own. You will charge to attenuated your topic, zeroing in on what you accept are the best important points. 1. “Canada needs to advance a self-sufficient aliment supply.” Readings: "Canada Needs a National Aliment Strategy" by Margaret Webb (page 296); "Is Local Aliment Bad for the Economy?"by Tamsin McMahon (page 298).  2. "The advancement of misinformation and affected account via the Internet is jeopardizing capitalism throughout the world." Readings: "Google, Democracy, and the Truth about Internet Search" by Carole Cadwalladr; Google is Disrupting Our Democracy, but not in the Way Trump Thinks" by Ramesh Srinivasan.   3. "Higher education has become acutely big-ticket after alms bigger application returns."  Readings: "College Graduates Fare Well, Even Through Recession" by Catherine Rampell; "Rising Costs and Bad Jobs Have Made Degrees a Bad Deal for Many" by Armine Yalnizyan.  (Note: the "Rising Costs" articulation takes you to two accessories on either ancillary of the debate; you are  actuality asked to appraisal Armine Yalnizyan's commodity in accession to Catherine Rampbell's commodity for this topic. You're acceptable to use the commodity by Alex Usher as an added antecedent in your paper, but you would still charge to acquisition at atomic two added sources on your own.)

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