1200 words and three scholarly sources

1. This week, we accept a bigger compassionate on how a crisis could be somewhat abrupt and unpredictable. For your Unit 3 Complete assignment, abode a anecdotal article (minimum 1200 words) in which you will abode and altercate the questions and statements listed below. Use at atomic three bookish sources (including the textbook) and bethink to authenticate a absolute compassionate of any alien account assignments, the READ and the ATTEND sections in your essay. You are appropriate to adduce your sources in the accepted APA format. What strategies should be allowable at the alpha of a crisis? Is there a one-size-fits-all action for every crisis? Defend your answer. Effective administration is all-important during a crisis. Do you accede or disagree? What administration ancestry would you appetite to see during a crisis from your Crisis Management Team leader? Explain the 7-step accommodation authoritative action that should be acclimated during a crisis. Are there added accomplish that should be considered? How has technology afflicted how organizations now acquaint with their advisers and the bounded community? What advice strategies should be advised back managing a crisis?

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