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  In the beginning to the Narrative of the Activity of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Written by Himself, William Lloyd Garrison says that Douglass “has borne himself with charity and meekness, yet with accurate adventuresomeness of character.”  Throughout the Narrative, Douglass himself gives connected absorption to his admiration to not alone prove that he is animal but additionally to prove that he is a man. What assumptions about adulthood or adulthood are appear in the Narrative? In alternative words, what does it beggarly to be a man?  Also accede Douglass’s  descriptions and discussions about the changeable abstracts in his activity such as his mother, Aunt Hester, and Sophia Auld. What does it beggarly to be a woman?  How does the arrangement of bullwork appulse a person’s adeptness to be a man, to be a woman, to be human?  This commodity charge be 1200 words minimum (not including the Works Cited).  Follow MLA format. Use Times New Roman font, double-space, cardinal your pages, and accommodate a Works Cited page. Listed in the Works Cited should be the primary antecedent (Narrative of the Activity of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Written by Himself ) and a minimum of four accessory sources (an article, book, or alternative abstracts that you accept begin in your research; at atomic two charge be peer-reviewed).  Whatever is listed in the Works Cited should additionally be cited parenthetically in the anatomy of your essay. 

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