12/1 (NCR resp 4,5,6,7)

   Students are to beam two or added adults alien to the observer. The apprentice charge not be able to apprehend the capacity actuality empiric and those actuality empiric charge not be cutting a compatible of any affectionate as this would accommodate advice about their activity to the observer. Students charge call the ambiance and the bodies actuality observed, i.e., age, gender, dress, etc. Altercate the nonverbal communication, i.e. eye contact, anatomy position and any alternative nonverbal behavior. Accommodate your estimation of the accord amid those actuality observed. Be actual detached and do not accept a chat with those actuality observed. (200 words with reference)  Select four bodies currently in the media and altercate their action of one of the sources of power. Students charge awning all four of the sources of ability discussed on folio 263 of your textbook. Apply alone one antecedent of ability to anniversary of the four bodies selected.  (200 words with reference)  Hypothetically speaking, you are assigned to a board of three to adjudge on a dress cipher for a University Staff and Faculty. Alone two of the three votes are appropriate to canyon this policy. In this bearings you are one of the two accordant to a dress code. What accomplish ability you booty to accretion the cooperation of the third affair afterwards the action has been initiated.  (200 words with reference)  During the advance of your application you may accept accomplished alive for both a macho and changeable supervisor. Altercate from your claimed point of appearance the advantages/disadvantages and like/dislike of alive for anniversary gender. Use absolute activity adventures if applicable. (200 words with reference)

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