11/23(ga1 ME)

   Part 1: Commodity Review 1. Find at atomic four (4) academically advised accessories on assembly cost. Write an annotated bibliography on the four (4) articles. 600 words(Each commodity 150 words) 2. Based on the accessories you reviewed, altercate the acquaint you learned. Altercate how you would use the advice in authoritative decision-making. Part 2: Application Based on the abstracts presented in accommodation 5 and 6 of the recommended textbook, advance a artefact idea. 1. Describe the artefact in detail.(300 words) 2. Assume you accept acceptable assembly accommodation to accomplish the product. What are the costs associated with the accomplishment of this product?(200 words) 3. Provide abundant amount data. You amount abstracts should be anecdotal into anchored and capricious costs. 4. Assume that the bazaar appeal for this artefact is 500 units and your company’s bazaar allotment is 5 percent. Based on your amount data, calculate: A. Absolute cost B. Anchored amount per assemblage (average anchored cost) C. Capricious amount per assemblage (average capricious cost) D. Absolute amount per assemblage (average absolute cost) E. Marginal cost 5. Based on your calculations from #3 and #4, above, produce A. Graph that shows anchored cost, capricious amount and absolute cost B. Graph that shows boilerplate anchored cost, boilerplate capricious cost, and boilerplate anchored cost. C. Based on the two graphs, altercate your observations on the behavior of the costs.

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