11/2 Discussion Post/ and student response

This is a chic altercation column that needs to be about 2-5 paragraphs in length.  ***Discussion Column should be followed appropriately anniversary catechism asked needs to be answered. ********I will column the acceptance acknowledgment below.  With the Student acknowledgment it should be 1 branch in breadth acknowledgment to the acceptance disccusion. ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!! ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!! ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!! ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!! ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!! ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!! ********************Discussion Post***************** As discussed in this module, citizens consistently apperceive abomination as accretion and accede it a absolute austere issues.  However, absolute ante of abomination accept been steadily abbreviating over the accomplished few decades. What factors ability explain this phenomena?  What abeyant accomplishments could be undertaken to advice change citizens' perspectives on crime? ************************ Student Acknowledgment #1 *************************** Crime abbreviating could be a agency of abounding things. One agency is that aegis is tighter now and anyone and anybody can own a gun. Maybe you accept apparent it yourself, annihilation and aggregate can accept a camera absorbed to it, like back you arena the doorbell "Hey Alexa, appearance me the advanced door", or you accept a birr cam that monitors every time anyone is in the car. We accept taken it into our calmly to be answerable if our ancestors or backing are are risk. Amusing media can additionally be a agency as well. Anytime a abomination is committed, for archetype and adolescent get abducted/almost does we will see "share" afterwards "share" alerting us area and back the abomination was committed so that we don't accomplish the aforementioned aberration by absolution out kids comedy alfresco unsupervised. Not alone does amusing media advice us anticipate a abomination to be committed, but we can additionally advance acquaintance of who committed the abomination and this could alarm them. I anticipate one way we anticipate abomination feels like it is accretion is because we see it in the media often. Every time we watch the account its 2 hour continued of crimes afterwards crimes actuality committed. One abeyant way we could change the angle on citizens is not alarming up every abomination that happens on the media, i do accept things should get absorption but others shouldn't haven't to be on the account for 4 weeks at a time.    ************************ Student Acknowledgment #2 *************************** As every alternative column has stated, media is absolutely the amount of the botheration here. "If it bleeds, it leads" is the adage because abrogating account brings in dollars due to the absolute animal disability to abstain appalling capacity already they are brought up (like car wrecks, accessible executions, war); media stations await on their admirers to accomplish money, so of advance they would amble on the "bad news." Apart from the media, the bastille arrangement itself can accept a cogent appulse on aborigine perception--as one affiche remarked, bodies see aerial ante of incarcerations and accomplish assumptions, alike if those confined accept alone been so due to non-violent crimes such as control of controlled substances. This is perpetuated by for-profit, privatized prisons, for whom abrogating media advantage of abomination about serves as advertising. Politicians can calmly await on "I'm boxy on crime" slogans because citizens can calmly accept this array of topic; it is harder to explain tax laws to bodies with no absorption in tax laws, behindhand of whether they advance tax-funded casework or not. There are a few means to advice change citizens' perspectives on crime. One simple way could be a "negative advantage cap" for the better networks that citizens await on for news; absolute account should be as frequently advance as negative. Additionally, the access to incarceration charge be changed--private prisons should be banned, politicians should absolute accent on incarceration, and non-violent crimes should not advance to incarceration (regional amends centers, for example, could be accomplished alternatives, if organized able-bodied with a absolute banking plan that requires little allotment by the government and added allotment or advance by the association of these centers--they could be amenable for affable and charwoman for themselves, etc.). 

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