PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AS THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO YOU!!! THIS IS DUE BY SUNDAY @ 11:59! I HAVE ALSO PROVIDED THE READING MATERIAL FOR PROPER SOURCE!    Choose ONE of the afterward questions and acknowledgment it. 1.  Discuss how Daniel and Peachy's methods of demography over Kafiristan mirror what the  British did to booty over alternative countries such as India. 2.  Discuss how Daniel is able to argue the citizenry that he and Peachy are gods. 3.  What does "The Man Who Would Be King" say about the possiblities of ne'er do wells ascent up to astral positions? 4.  What does "The Man Who Would Be King" say about man's tendencies to bamboozle his own power? 5.  How does Freemasonry comedy a role in "The Man Who Would Be King"? Each acknowledgment needs alone to be TWO TO THREE WELL-DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS, (about 250-500 words) but if you feel the charge to booty a affair and run with it, again feel chargeless to do so.   I will brand your responses based on the afterward criteria:  1. I will attending at the absorption of the answer. Your announcement should accept a apriorism and some development to prove that thesis. If you artlessly acknowledgment the catechism afterwards abacus annihilation admired to the discussion, again you’ll get a basal grade. If you accession absorbing questions or interpretations to the reading, again your brand will be higher.  a. NOTE: It is bigger to alone accept one or two above credibility for a apriorism and again advance that point absolutely than it is to accept three or four credibility afterwards developing any of those credibility at all. 2. The additional archetype that I will be allocation your acknowledgment on is apparent errors. This is, afterwards all, an English class. Just because this is alone a abbreviate clairvoyant acknowledgment does not beggarly that you can accept a lot of spelling errors, run-on sentences, book bits acceding errors, missing punctuation, or additional being pronouns (you, your, you’re) in your response. Since you had to canyon both English 1101 and 1102 to booty this class, I will apprehend you to address your cardboard with a ability of collegiate-level grammar. 3. I REQUIRE you to use a minimum of one absolute adduce (more if necessary) to advice coalesce your evidence. When you use absolute quotes, be abiding to- a. Architecture the adduce appropriately in MLA FORMAT. If it’s three curve or fewer, use abbreviate adduce format, complete with ambience the adduce off with a breach and anchor it in citation marks. If the adduce runs into a fourth line, again it should be a block quote. b. CITE the folio numbers (for prose) or band numbers (for poetry) for every distinct quote. Improperly citation a source, or not citation the antecedent at all, will account the biographer to lose points. c. I accept included two handouts in the MLA binder of our chic page. One is blue-blooded “Quoting Prose,” and the alternative one is “Quoting Poetry.” Please accredit to these handouts, depending on whether you are commendation from a composition or a book work, to advice accomplish abiding that you are formatting and citation your quotations properly.

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