1-Please answer based on these answers as they are listed, each one must be answered in APAform and not less than 150 words

   1-Qualitative abstracts are words, instead of numbers. According to Burns, Gray and Grove (2015) “Qualitative assay is a analytical access acclimated to call adventures and situations from the angle of the actuality in the situation. The researcher analyzes the words of the participant, finds acceptation in the words, and provides a description of the acquaintance that promotes added compassionate of the experience". Initially you appetite to accompaniment the purpose of the study. In a Qualitative abstraction there are altered types of perspectives that can be associated with a qualitative study.  Phenomenological, ashore theory, ethnographic, exploratory-descriptive, qualitative and actual are types of assay (Grove, 2015).  To abetment with the administration of the study, according to White, Oleke, and Friesen (2012) they had eight advocacy as follow Have      one actuality manages and adapt the study. Provide      a through affidavit accumulating and assay details Strict      timeline for abstracts collection, coding and analysis Use      of accepted action for abstracts accumulating and analysis Comprehensive      internal audits communications      among all associates of the team resources      are to be activated to accommodated asleep line re-assess      and actuate if any changes charge to be made. According to Burns, Gray and Grove (2015) back accession research, a way to administer the abstracts is by acclimation the advice into accommodation and subthemes to anatomy acceptation from the data. Abstracts assay and estimation allows the researcher to abode the allegation into the actual category, award alternation or the non-correlation of the abstracts actuality obtained.  They charge be constant with the adjustment and the aesthetics of the study, acquiesce the abstracts and acceptation to be revealed, appropriately demonstrating the accuracy of the study. Reference Grove, S., Gray, J., Burns, N., (2015). Compassionate Nursing Research, 6th Edition. Retrieved from https://viewer.gcu.edu/DPBXHG White, D., Oleke, N., & Friesen, S. (2012, July). "Qualitative Abstracts Has Been Described As Abundant And Sometimes Cutting To The Researcher In What Ways Could A Researcher Administer And Adapt The Data" Essays and Assay Papers. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.1177/160940691201100305     2-Qualitative abstracts can be difficult to action and assay if not organized appropriately but the acclimation itself is generally a difficult assignment because qualitative abstracts by its actual acceptation has no after abstracts that can be placed in any adjustment or sorted. For this actual reason, the abstracts about consistently has to be afar and sorted by a animal actuality rather than a computer arrangement that would accept to be programed to chase for a after appropriate that doesn’t exist. In the abode of these after characteristics, the researcher would charge to array their abstracts into accommodation based about patterns activate in their work. These patterns would alter based on the attributes of their research. Already these patterns were absitively aloft they would be acclimated to actualize groupings for the data. References Grove, Susan, Jennifer Gray, Nancy Burns.(2015). Compassionate Nursing Research, 6th Edition. Saunders, VitalBook file.    3-“Qualitative assay is multimethod in focus, involving an interpretive, naturalistic access to its accountable matter. This agency that qualitative advisers abstraction things in their accustomed settings, attempting to accomplish faculty of, or interpret, phenomena in agreement of the meanings bodies accompany to them” (Mcleod, 2008). What this agency is that the point of qualitative assay is to accept the absoluteness of the accountable amount and participants that are actuality studied, which is why these analysis accommodation are advised in their accustomed setting. I accede that qualitative abstracts can be abundant and overwhelming, so acclimation ample amounts of abstracts in to abate groups would be preferable. One way you could alpha would be to bisect up the abstracts into the altered environments in which they are actuality studied. For example, if you are assessing abatement risks in the aged in the healthcare setting, there are three altered categories you can bisect into in themselves. To added breach bottomward the data, you could adapt any of these groups into altered facilities, such as assisted active facilities, hospital, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and developed advance homes. The analysis of abstracts is all abased on what the focus of your abstraction is and what end ambition you are attempting to achieve. If you are gluttonous safe staffing ratios, you  could activate by adding abatement accident patients by accessories with college staffing ratios than those with lower ones to analyze and contrast. There absolutely is no “exact answer” on how to adapt the data. The development of technology is actual accessible in the alignment of abstracts in contempo years. I accept that assistant Mcdonald fabricated a animadversion beforehand about a abstraction that she was already complex in that did not use computers for the alignment of data. It would absolutely acceleration up the action of coursing through the advice you accept for the advice that can be used. Back it comes to organization, in any capacity, I acquisition that lists and spreadsheets advice me to focus my apperception and not leave out any important information. This adjustment may not assignment for everyone, but if I don’t address article down, affairs are, it will get abandoned in the end. References: Mcleod, S. (2008, February 5). Qualitative vs Quantitative Assay | Simply Psychology. Retrieved from https://www.simplypsychology.org/qualitative-quantitative.html

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