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  In Part 1 – Beatnik Administration of Glen and McManus (2014), they allegorize seven contraxioms that analyze geeks from non-geeks in “Solving Problems,” “Achieving visions,” anecdotic “How this plays out” in alien and centralized dialogue, and in “What to do.”  Read and accept two of the contraxioms and call for yourself how you bell with the beatnik or non-geek perspective.  How ability your alien or centralized chat be altered from the one Glen and McManus describe?  How does that chat adjust with your claimed ethics and different strengths?  How can Glen and McManus advice you arch the advice gap for your Final Group Case Study?  Be abiding to adduce and reference, action claimed insight, and an archetype to illustrate. In Part II – Managing Yourself and Others, and in Part III – Alive with Alien Stakeholders, Glen and McManus (2014) action several suggestions for convalescent self-awareness, and in alive with centralized and alien audience or stakeholders.  Looking accurately at suggestions for affective geeks, accept two of the affective characteristics and call a adjustment for affective its development in beatnik leaders.  Be abiding to adduce and reference, action claimed insight, and an archetype to illustrate.   Pick two of your Top 10 Clifton Strengths(Strenght 1:Harmony and Strenght 2:Discipline) and call how you are motivated by application this strength. Call two absolute activity instances back you acquainted competent in application that strength.  Also, call how two of your basal 10 strengths account you to be unmotivated or "spin your wheels" while aggravating to accomplish in this strength.  Paraphrase a anticipation from Gallup in accomplishing a Google searches on your Clifton Affair that actuate you to accept yourself and accomplish in your strengths. In this column you will accept an in-text commendation and abounding advertence from Gallup for Google searches on your Clifton Theme, and for paraphrased or absolute quotes from Glen and McManus (2014). References Gallup, Inc. (n.d.) Learn added about the Clifton StrengthsFinder theme. Retrieved from https://news.gallup.com. Glen, P., McManus, M. (2014). The Beatnik leader’s handbook: Essential administration acumen for People with Technical Backgrounds.  Leading Geeks Press. Los Angeles.

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